A four-door Corvette EV could shirk every rule in the sports car’s playbook

A new report suggests Corvette could launch as its own sub-brand, introducing a four-door model and an SUV — both of which are expected to be EVs.

A corvette EV prototype

Corvette may be getting ready to go solo. No longer will Corvette be just an iconic model under the Chevrolet brand, instead, GM is planning to launch Corvette as its own sub-brand, and in the process, expand its lineup with a four-door sedan and an SUV, according to a Car and Driver report.

This may not come as a surprise for some, since Corvette always stuck to its own branding and there have been rumors hinting at this for years now. That doesn’t make it any less of a leap for GM and Chevy to let Corvette stand on its own, considering the long history and brand recognition that Corvette has delivered for the American automaker.

Launching as its own sub-brand will likely see Corvette become a completely different beast, particularly since there are reported plans to offer a four-door model, as well as an SUV. If the rumors are true, it seems like GM wants Corvette to no longer just be a namesake for the iconic coupe that America grew up with.

More than a Corvette — According to the Car and Driver report, the information comes from a “source who has seen the first proposals.” The report notes that there will be a four-door Corvette as well as a “sporty high-performance crossover” model — both of them being electric. These two new models will be offered along with an electrified two-seater Corvette that we’re more used to.

We’re guessing that the upcoming Corvettes will run on GM’s Ultium platform that currently powers many of its EVs. If it does run on the same EV platform, there’s a chance a Corvette-branded SUV may feel like a reskin of GM’s other electric SUVs, like its Cadillac Lyriq or even the Chevy Equinox. But the Car and Driver source touts that the new electric Corvettes will be unique and still capture the essence of Corvette.

Expanding the brand — If the information from Car and Driver’s source is accurate, we can expect GM to launch the Corvette sub-brand in 2025. From the initial leaked models, it seems that GM wants the Corvette brand to go fully electric, but that’s not clear yet.

Anything the Corvette brand name is attached to is sure to be exciting, but GM is still taking a risk trying to expand it into something more. There is some precedent from the competition, though. If you consider Porsche and its classic sports cars, the German automaker has since expanded its offerings with SUVs and four-door sedans. It’s clear that GM wants to take a similar approach to Corvette and expand it into an entire brand on its own.

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