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11 fun gifts under $25 for all the gamers in your life

Sure, a PS5 and Xbox Series X would be great, but you don’t need to spend your entire paycheck to show your gamer friends you care.

Piranha Plant light
Super Mario Bros. / Urban Outfitters
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Buying gifts for a gamer isn’t always the easiest when you’re on a budget. It may be a bit easier to nab big-ticket items like a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X this year, or even the latest triple-A release, but they’re not cheap.

Instead, we’re advocating that you don’t shell out big bucks on a decent gift for your games-loving friends. In this economy, the thought counts double. So even those these sweet gift ideas are under $25, they’re worth more in our minds.

This Legend of Zelda-themed notebook is perfect for gamers who are equally fond of stationery. It’s a great way to keep track of any farming schedules or just for some regular ol’ note-taking.

Controller Gear’s officially-licensed Animal Crossing socks can add a nice splash of color and personality to your outfit. You could also just throw these on for a cozy day inside spent playing on your Nintendo Switch.

Everybody loves a good pin. Whichever of the classic Eevee-lutions you go with, it’ll add a little bit of flare to your hat, backpack, or whatever else you want to pin it to.

Little knick-knacks do a great job at adding a more personal touch to a battlestation. This Sonic the Hedgehog device holder can hold your phone, a tablet, or a controller — all while looking good.

Don’t worry, this Piranha Plant is actually on your side, providing some nice desk light in a nostalgic package.

If you want to touch up your makeup or check for something in your teeth, the Moogle Pocket Mirror is a discreet compact way to get that done. It just so happens to be in the form of everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy mascot.

This story and art book details the entire timeline of the Halo universe and will help any Halo nerd brush up on the franchise’s trivia. While it’s an official guide to the Halo story, it also includes 50 color paintings showing some never-before-seen parts of the Halo-verse.

It’s important to stay hydrated for those inevitably long Minecraft sessions, so why not do it in style? The 22-oz bottle has a screw-on lid and is made of impact-resistant plastic.

This Vault Boy bobblehead won’t actually increase your stats in real life, but it’s the perfect addition to any Fallout fan’s desk.

Who can forget the iconic Tamagotchi toys from the 90s? Well, Tamagotchi has been collaborating with all your favorite series, including Kingdom Hearts for its 20th anniversary. This one costs a little extra due to proxy fees, but starts at around $20 if you can find it in Japan.

If you’re willing to shell out a couple more bucks, you can gift out a DIY kit that replaces your Nintendo Switch’s housing with an atomic purple design reminiscent of an old Game Boy Color. These aren’t officially licensed by Nintendo, so make sure your giftee is comfortable with DIY projects.

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