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How to Use the Best Duplication Glitch in Tears of the Kingdom

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More is always better. Tears of the Kingdom has a carefully calibrated economy and is a remarkably polished experience, but it’s not without the occasional glitch. Multiple sources, including IGN and Austin John Plays, have reported item duplication glitches that can earn you infinite Rupees. These glitches will likely be patched out of the game in future updates, so if you want to take advantage, do so as soon as possible.

Here’s how to duplicate items in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Duplicate Attachable Items

Any material that you can attach to a bow qualifies as a duplicable item.


As of Version 1.1.0, you can duplicate any attachable item in Tears of the Kingdom if you have two bows, two arrows, and the item you want to duplicate. Note: You can only duplicate items that you can fuse to an arrow, so this won’t work for stuff like swords, shields, or armor.

To start, take out one bow and attach the item you want to duplicate to an arrow. Make sure you see the item attached to the tip of the arrow within the menu. Drop the bow with the fused arrow and equip a second bow. Then quickly close and re-open your inventory, and drop the second bow. Both bows should be on the ground nearby. If you exit the inventory menu fast enough, the bow with the fused arrow will have double the materials.

Here’s a recap of the instructions:

  • Attach the item you want to duplicate to Bow 1.
  • Drop Bow 1.
  • Equip Bow 2.
  • Quickly press the inventory button twice.
  • Drop Bow 2.
  • Pick up both Bow 1 and Bow 2.

It may take a couple of attempts to get the timing right. You won’t lose the items if it doesn’t work. Don’t be tempted to overcompensate and spam the plus button to open and close your inventory.

How to Duplicate Weapons

The weapon dupe glitch only works with items you haven’t discovered before.


If you’re looking to duplicate weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, you can only do so when you encounter an item you haven’t seen before, as indicated by a dialogue box with three question marks appearing when you approach it.

First, pick an expendable weapon in your inventory. Pick up the unidentified weapon to put it in your inventory. Re-sort your inventory by pressing the Y button, then equip that expendable weapon and cancel out by pressing B. Re-open your inventory, and then drop the expendable weapon.

Again, here’s a recap of the instructions:

  • Pick up the unidentified weapon
  • Open inventory and sort
  • Equip an expendable weapon you don’t want and exit inventory
  • Re-open inventory and drop the equipped, expendable weapon.

After exiting your inventory, there should be a duplicate of the once-undiscovered item there waiting for you to pick it up.

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