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Every Player Needs to Do This Easy-to-Miss Tears of the Kingdom Side Quest

Addison (Sign Guy) is everyone’s new favorite Zelda NPC.

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Tears of the Kingdom Sign Guy Quest
The Ultimate Guide to 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'

Tears of the Kingdom has so much to do that you could miss a lot. As such, you may never encounter the man lovingly referred to as “sign guy.” However, if you want to have a little fun outside of the main story and get some resources out of it, the early-game side quest is essential. Just blend that Ultrahand ability with some creativity, and you can help this humble worker thrive in his advertising campaign. After all, we can’t expect radical glitches to solve all our financial problems, even if Addison suggests President Hudson might.

Addison, aka Sign Guy, asks for your help propping up signs for his boss throughout Hyrule. He’s a tall, lanky NPC with a purple bowl cut — kind of like a member of Pokémon’s Team Galactic. The poor guy works for President Hudson, the CEO of a Hyrule-based company called Hudson Construction, who has tasked him with putting up multiple signs throughout Hyrule to advertise his business. You don’t need to help Addison with every sign he has across Hyrule, especially if you already have enough resources, but he’s an easy (and potentially funny) way to get food and money early in the game. Rumor has it that Addison will approve signs in even the most ridiculous angles.

Many players have written in passionate support of Addison and his (arguably) dedicated efforts to supporting Hudson Construction. Some make fun of his simpish ways while others consider him a favorite character. Some people even have taken a break from bullying Koroks to give him some attention. Addison doesn’t seem to give out anything worth that many rupees, but fans are gushing about his entertaining presence in the game. In short, he’s got a little something for everyone.

“People havin’ a hard time getting rupees in TOTK, meanwhile I’m getting my 20 rupees and two prizes by helping my dude Addison stabilize his signs,” one fan tweeted. “It’s honest work.”

Where can you find Addison? The question is more like, where can’t you find him? Some sources like Prima Games show multiple locations where Addison has appeared, but you’ll probably have an easier time roaming about Hyrule to find him because of all the locations he could possibly be. He will appear at all the President Hudson sign locations, which look like a rectangular signs with an image of a shirtless, mustachioed man.

Some challenges will also be more difficult than others. One Twitter user reports that it was more difficult to complete certain challenges because there were limited resources nearby. Apparently, even though Addison is known to approve whacky creations, balancing signs on the back of a horse is where he draws the line. There isn’t a penalty for messing up the signs, so just keep experimenting until you get a design you like.

If you see a man with a purple bowl cut carrying a sign, take some time out of your several hundred hours spent in the game to lend him an Ultrahand. You might get some valuable prizes (and a fun story) out of it.

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