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You need to play the best free superhero game on PlayStation and Xbox ASAP

This one redefined the superhero gaming landscape.

Three major Marvel superhero games debuted in 2020: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Iron Man VR, and Marvel's Avengers. And Even more superhero games are expected to launch in 2021, but do we really need more when the greatest superhero game of all time is available to play for absolutely free? (So long as you have one of two gaming subscriptions.)

One revolutionary superhero game perfected the genre back in 2016, and you can currently play that legendary game for free on both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Collection.

Batman: Arkham Knight was developed by Rocksteady Studios as the climax to their Batman: Arkham series. The game combines facets of both Batman and superhero tropes to make a sublime video game.

You play as Batman while he attempts to stop a new plot from Scarecrow on Halloween. In addition to Scarecrow, numerous other baddies from Batman's rogue's gallery appear. Each one is given their own unique plotline. Many of these stories can be enjoyed as standalone adventures from the Caped Crusader, providing numerous Batman romps within one big narrative. Each story makes Gotham feel alive.

By playing them all, you'll come to understand how crucial it is that a figure like Batman exists in Gotham — and you get to experience every aspect of his vigilante life.

Gordon and Batman, the best of friends.

Rocksteady Studios

You can fight criminal groups using the game's Freeflow Combat system, which allows Batman's movements to feel simultaneously heroic, fluid, and yet weighty. His combat toolkit can adapt to the situation at hand. You'll always have access to his old reliable punches, and Batman's arsenal of gadgets.

There are combat variables that crop up in certain skirmishes. For example, you can use your environment to defeat foes. Like a lost gritty, yet cool Looney Tunes character. Batman can drop hanging lights, air conditioners, and crates on his enemies. He can also nab loose baseball bats from the ground or grab them straight from his enemy's hands. These moves make the playable Batman feel as adaptable as his lore suggests.

In addition to his environmental combat abilities, Batman can also team up with other playable characters like Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Azrael, and Catwoman for spectacular team takedowns. Suffice to say, if you're looking for a game to beat folks up in varied and endlessly satisfying ways, Arkham Knight has you set. If you're looking for a game that features all the other things Batman is known for doing, Arkham Knight also has your number.

The Batmobile and the Batman.

Rocksteady Games

There are numerous stealth sequences where you can use as any of the fantastic playable characters. The stealth is just as robust as the combat. Or you can enjoy a high octane chase in the Batmobile. If speed isn't your boat, you can switch to combat mode, defeating foes with the car's (non-lethal) guns. Or you can look forward to solving a handful of mysteries using Batman's various gadgets and reasoning abilities.

If you want to experience nearly any aspect of being Batman, Arkham Knight has something for you.

Assuming the gameplay hasn't drawn you in yet, Arkham Knight also features an all-star cast. Batman: The Animated Series alum Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprise their roles as Batman and Joker, respectively. Meanwhile, the supporting cast features numerous household names from voice and film acting. Commissioner Gordon is portrayed by Jonathan Banks; Scarcrow is portrayed by John Noble; Penguin is portrayed by Nolan North; Harley Quinn is portrayed by Tara Strong.

If you draw the teeniest enjoyment from Batman stories or video games, Arkham Knight will certainly have something for you. Five years later, the gameplay remains extremely tight, and Batman's crusade against Scarecrow will keep you engaged. Arkham Knight is what all superhero games should aspire to become.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available for free on Games Pass and the PS Plus Collection for Xbox, PC, and PS5.

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