Xbox Series X restock: Walmart, Target, GameStop, and more inventory

How can you find your next Microsoft console?

It's impossible to find the Xbox Series X. As aspiring Xbox owners across the nation look high and low for an Xbox Series X to call their own, it's easy to leave an online retailer empty-handed. The new hardware sells out almost instantly. If you want a leg-up on your Xbox Series X conquest, you'll need to know which stores are selling the console imminently, so you can prepare your purchase. You can still secure a brand new Xbox before Microsoft drops their most anticipated games like She Dreams Elsewhere and Halo: Infinite.

Here's every store that's set to sell the Xbox Series X in the near future.

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Everyone's favorite retailer to trade in your old games in exchange for a fraction of what they cost is currently your best bet to get your hands on an Xbox Series X. After selling out of the console last week, they have yet to provide a solid timeframe for if and when consoles will be available again.

If you want a console from GameStop, the best plan is to turn on notifications for their Twitter presence. They often tweet out when consoles will be available before placing them on their online storefront, which you can find right here.


America's biggest shopping destination isn't the first place you should look to for a new Xbox Series X. The megastore sold out of the console earlier this month. They might restock later in the week.

If and when they're available, you will be able to purchase them right here.

Two Xbox Series X controllers against a pink backdrop.

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Early in the year, Antonline made a pledge to produce next-gen console drops every week. They have restocked the Xbox Series S on Monday, February 15, and it's still available for purchase. The retailer hasn't made the Xbox Series X available since January, so perhaps it will return to digital shelves this week.

It should be noted that all consoles purchased through Antonline will cost a bit more than most. They'll be packaged with extra goodies like controllers and Games Pass subscriptions, which accounts for the price increase.

When it's available, you can purchase it right here.

Best Buy

As a major electronics retailer, Best Buy regularly has flashes of availability each week. They're expected to make the Xbox Series X available yet again this week. But it's unclear exactly when that might happen. When available, you can purchase the console right here.


Amazon has been steadily dropping PS5 consoles throughout February. When there's a PS5 drop, an Xbox Series X drop can't be far behind. Keep your eyes peeled to Amazon's social channels and the Xbox Series X. Many expect them to produce a drop for the console within the next few days.

When available, you can purchase it right here.

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Target has also been steadily releasing new consoles. The company briefly made the Xbox Series X available on February 16. It's possible that the console will be made available again later in the day. Target is fond of performing periodic drops on a single day.

You'll need to purchase the console online first and cannot waltz into any Target demanding an Xbox Series X. When available, you can purchase it online here.

Popfindr, OctoShop, and other tools to find Xbox Series X consoles

If this didn't lead you to your destined Xbox Series X, there are numerous tools and tricks that you can employ to enhance your odds next time. The best thing you can do to stay abreast of next-gen sales is to follow a few Twitter accounts. Twitter users like @Wario64, @Spieltimes, and @YtNextGenGaming will always know when a console is on the way.

The Stock Informer Discord channel is a great place to be the first to hear when a drop is incoming.

The browser extension OctoShop will inform you if another store has an Xbox in stock while you're looking at an online listing. Alternatively, PopFindr can tell you if any nearby stores have consoles in stock that just went unreported. There are a lot of ways to get an Xbox in your hands.

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