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PS5 restock: Sony Direct, Target, GameStop, Amazon, and more new inventory

Sony's new console is appearing online more frequently than usual.

There might be good news for Sony gamers out there. While February's PlayStation 5 restock situation looked dire with Sony admitting it was underproducing consoles, relief may be on the way — or, at least, that's how it feels this week.

The PS5 has been showing up online with relative frequency in the first half of February, which is a nice change of pace amid the scarcity. It's still a blink-and-you-miss-it affair, but even some of the most unreliable retailers have come through with refreshes this month. Does that mean the rush is getting better? Probably not, but it does hopefully mean that you'll have more chances to grab a system. Here are all the retailers to watch and how to track them.

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Octoshop, Popfindr, and more tools to find PS5 consoles

Let's get something straight right away: Finding a PS5 is not an easy task. Most websites don't announce restocks beforehand, making it an absolute scramble to find one. You can ease that pain a bit by using online tracking that will help you stay up to date on PS5 console restocks. For example, OctoShop is a Google Chrome extension that will notify you as soon as restocks become available. Just set up notifications on your sites of choice and let the magic happen.

There's also PopFindr, a particularly useful tool for those that want to see if the console is in stock at their local store. If you don't want to set up your own tracking, we recommend following Twitter accounts like @PS5StockAlerts, @SpielTimes, and @Wario64 that will Tweet anytime that new consoles become available at a retailer. This article will also have links to every retailer's website that you'd want to get a PS5 from, so you might want to bookmark some pages.


Target is the absolute star of new console restocks. The retailer has been more consistent than most in 2021 with frequent restocks. Most recently, the PS5 popped up on Tuesday, February 16 at around 8 a.m. Eastern. Granted, the console was only available for in-store pick-up, so it was entirely reliant on your local Target's own stock.

Considering all that, Target is a good store to check if you're okay with waking up early or comfortable going to a physical location to pick it up. To track in-store stock, use PopFindr. If you're trying to get one online, you'll have to rely on the aforementioned tools and Target's PS5 hub page.

PlayStation Direct

One of the most reliable places to get a PS5 is from Sony directly, though there's a catch. The site uses a somewhat odd queue system. Going to the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition PS Direct pages when a restock happens will put you in line and you'll only have a chance to get a console if it's still in stock once you reach the front. You'll need a lot of patience to make this work.

That said, Sony restocks its system frequently. The console last appeared on Friday, February 12 and Saturday, February 13. In general, Sony tends to put up their systems in the late afternoon, around 5 p.m. Eastern. That means you might have to compete with a lot of people getting off their work shift at once, but it's admittedly one of the more convenient restock times you could ask for.


Amazon is one of the harder online retailers to get systems from because it doesn't announce restocks beforehand. In fact, it's rare that Amazon really restocks consoles at all. Luckily, the retailer seems to be back in the game. The most recent restock happened on Tuesday, February 16 at about the exact same time as Target's 8 a.m. Eastern restock. In general, when a retailer restocks, you always want to check some others to see if there's a coordinated wave happening.

If Amazon does restock PS5 consoles again this month, you'll want OctoShop or another tool to notify you. If you just want to get lucky (trust us, you won't), you can also refresh the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition store pages.


Walmart had an exciting restock for PS5 consoles on February 4 at around 4:45 p.m. Eastern, but it is unknown when they will restock the system next. The site has been somewhat consistent with console refreshes, often even announcing timing beforehand. Considering that target and Amazon just got some new stock in, Walmart is likely close behind.

Because Walmart is so popular, you'll have a lot of competition next time you try to get a console from them. It's a good idea to keep an eye on Walmart's PS5 and PS5 Digital Edtion Store pages, but you might want to follow the retailer on social media as well for warnings about alerts.


GameStop was long overdue for a stock refresh heading into 2021 and it finally got one on February 9 at 11 a.m. Eastern. The games retailer is especially one to keep an eye on because it tends to put consoles up in waves. If you miss the first notification, keep your eyes peeled for more. GameStop can also provide a good way to get bundles with games or extra controllers included if you want to go big. Pay attention to the retailer's PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition store pages as well as any bundles they may post.

Best Buy

Best Buy? More like Least Buy, am I right? The retailer hasn't restocked the PS5 since January 21, putting it behind most other major retailers. That does mean that a restock could be imminent, but it's certainly a little unreliable at the current moment.

Still, this notable tech retailer is a pretty obvious place to get a PS5, works well with tools like OctoShop, and should get a restock soon. If one does happen, you want to get to the store's PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition pages.


Antonline is a smaller online retailer that tends to put up large console bundles with relative frequency. Its last PS5 restock happened on Friday, February 12 and featured a big bundle with an extra controller and a PS Plus membership included. The site tends to have new consoles every week or so, so you'll definitely want to keep an eye out if you don't mind spending a little extra up front. Stake out its PS5 landing hub here, which also includes all the accessories you need.

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