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3 clues to help you solve Wordle 276 on March 22

The latest Wordle makes a splash.

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Wordle 276 has arrived for March 22, and we suspect quite a few players may be stumped by the latest answer. When all starting words and strategies fail, we’ve prepared the lifeline you need to continue your streak of greens. Whether you require some clues or just want to glance at the solution for yourself, we’ve got all the hints necessary to carry on with your life feeling satisfied. Here’s everything worth knowing about the answer to Wordle 276.

Wordle 276 clues

The true joy of Wordle is in the light-bulb moment of solving its puzzle, so we’re not huge fans of revealing answers purely for the sake of spoilers. As an alternative, we’ve assembled a list of three clues to help give your brain a bit of a workout while also getting the guidance it needs to succeed. The clues become more revealing the further down the list you go, so pick the hint that best serves your level of stumpage.

Clue #1: The answer to Wordle 276 can be a verb or a noun, although its verb form may be more top of mind for most folks.

Clue #2: There’s just one vowel in the answer to Wordle 276: an O in the third position.

Clue #3: Wordle 276 refers to a sound that water might make.

With every Wordle puzzle, we like to remind our readers that the Wordle answer dictionary focuses on everyday English words that aren’t plurals. Wordle 276 is probably slightly more high-brow than some of the other answers we’ve discussed in the past, but this one is absolutely a known, non-plural word. That said, looking for an S somewhere other than the end may be worthwhile today.

Wordle 276 answer

Using our clues as a reference, you may have been able to guess that the answer to Wordle 276 is SLOSH.

Here’s the answer to Wordle 276 on March 22, 2022.

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Starting with SLATE put us in a good position from the beginning, but from there it was a process of elimination between SLUMP and SLICK both returning three gray letters each. With so many options completely removed from the possible pool of guesses, SLOSH became a reasonable word to consider on our fourth attempt.

Given our own slight struggle with the March 22 Wordle, we imagine other folks might be perplexed by this one as well. The formation of the word SLOSH is fairly simple in that it uses common letters, but the solution itself requires a level of vocabulary prowess some players might not be fully prepared for. Add in the fact that the answer only has one vowel, and the potential difficulties one might encounter compound further. Guessing this one without our help is well worthy of praise, but, if you needed a clue or two to get there, there’s no shame in that either.

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