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3 hints to help you solve Wordle 403 on July 27

It’s what we always say.

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Wordle 403 stumped its player base today with an unexpected word. It isn’t an unusual word, but one that players didn’t expect based on how the game operates. Guess a five-letter word within six tries, and swap out the letters you get wrong. How bad can it be? Well, we’re here to help with some clues.

Here’s how our “three hints” articles work: We give three hints to help you find the Wordle answer before you throw in the towel. We have the full answer, too. It’s just at the bottom of the article. If you need help with Wordle starting words, we also have opinions from a language expert, computer programmer, and former gifted kid.

Good luck, try your best! Here are our three clues for solving today’s Wordle.

Wordle 403 clues

We don’t give the answers to Wordle right away in case players only want a hint. After all, part of the fun is finding out the word with your own brainpower.

These three clues can help narrow down the choices:

Clue #1: The answer to Wordle 403 is a noun.

Clue #2: The answer to Wordle 403 has two of the same consonant and two of the same vowel.

Clue #3: The answer to Wordle 403 is similar to the word “slogan.”

The two pairs of the same letter were what caught many players off guard. We typically try to eliminate as much of the alphabet as possible. However, in this case, we only really need to guess three letters because two of them are doubled. Doubles aren’t unheard of, but two? Less so.

If you don’t want the answer spoiled, avert your eyes from the final section of this article.

Wordle 403 answer

Prepare for trouble! And make it double. A motto.

Pokemon Company

The answer to Wordle 403 is MOTTO.

As per Merriam-Webster, a motto is a “sentence, phrase, or word inscribed on something as appropriate to or indicative of its character or use” or "short expression of a guiding principle.”

It can be seen as a slogan, catchphrase, or general saying that defines the user. For example, Pokemon’s motto is “gotta catch ‘em all!” Yeah, that’s a catchphrase, but it’s also a motto. Another popular motto is “life’s hard, and then you die.”

Check back for the next Wordle on the New York Times website at 7 p.m. ET. Until then, perfect your starting word!

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