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Wordle 250 answer: 3 Clues to solve the February 24, 2022 puzzle

An ordinary Wordle.

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Wordle 250 is out now, but were you able to do it? In this no-nonsense guide, we’ll provide three clues that may help you figure out the solution without totally spoiling the surprise. Are your best starting words and strategies still not bringing you closer to the answer you seek? With our tips, you should be able to figure it out and maintain your streak. Here’s everything you need to know about the February 24 puzzle.

Wordle 250 clues

Before lifting the curtain entirely, we like to offer our readers a chance to guess the answer to each daily Wordle puzzle by offering a series of clues related to the solution itself. Each hint is offered with an increasing degree of transparency, so don’t read the last one unless you’re really sure you need the help.

Clue #1: The answer to Wordle 250 is a noun.

Clue #2: The solution has two vowels: an O in the third position and an E in the fifth position.

Clue #3: The answer for Wordle 250 is British slang for a man.

We always like to remind our readers that Wordle’s dictionary doesn’t have plurals and features words mostly found in everyday language. That’s absolutely true in this case, but it may help players to know that Wordle creator Josh Wardle was born in South Wales. As such, he may use a few terms Americans don’t traditionally bring up in conversation.

Wordle 250 answer

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the answer for the February 24 Wordle is BLOKE.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 250 on February 24, 2022.

The New York Times

Our pattern of guesses started out strong with SLATE, moving forward with GLOVE and CLONE to flush out the precise locations of the L, O, and E. After guessing glove the word bloke did cross our mind, but we went with clone thinking it might be a more universally accepted answer. That said, the regional dialect answer is the one that won the day.

While our European friends may have no problem reaching the answer for the February 24 Wordle puzzle, we wouldn’t be surprised if our American audience totally whiffs on this one. Bloke is absolutely a word most of us have heard before, but it’s not one that Americans often say. Still, if you’re perhaps a little more cultured or watch TV shows aimed at a more global audience, there’s a chance you may be operating from a slightly wider vocabulary. In the grand scheme of things, we wouldn’t feel too ashamed if you happened to miss out on Wordle 250.

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