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Wordle 242 answer: 3 Clues to solve the February 16, 2022 puzzle

Seal up that win with Wordle 242.

Jumble of letters

Wordle 242 has officially arrived, kicking off another daily round of five-letter guesses for the game’s growing legion of fans. With the best starting words and impeccable strategies at your disposal, are you still struggling to solve the February 16 puzzle? Here are three clues that might help you figure out the answer. This is a particularly tough puzzle, so let’s get right to it.

Wordle 242 clues

Before we completely destroy the mystique of Wordle 242, we thought it best to offer the chance to give your brain a mini-workout first. Below you’ll find three clues about the answer to Wordle 242 in ascending order of clarity. In other words, because the most revealing clue is offered last, players trying their best to avoid spoilers may want to skip it. Nevertheless, here are your three hints.

Clue #1: The answer to Wordle 242 can be used as a noun or a verb, but both forms are related to the same basic action.

Clue #2: There are two vowels in the solution: an A in the second position and a U in the third.

Clue #3: The word is a method used for filling in gaps that you may hear with regard to carpentry or home improvement.

As difficult as the February 16 puzzle may be, it’s important to remember that Wordle 242 follows the same basic principles of all Wordle puzzles of the past. The answer is a fairly common word (although it’s maybe slightly more niche than usual today), and it’s not a plural. We advise against assuming you’ll strike it rich with a green-square S today.

Wordle 242 answer

If you weren’t able to figure out the solution to Wordle 242 using our clues, we’ll now reveal that the answer for the February 16 puzzle is CAULK.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 242 on February 16, 2022.

The New York Times

Taking a look at our own round of guesses, our traditional starter word, SLATE, proved to be pretty revealing this time around. It started us off by confirming the inclusion of L and A, which prompted us to consider CANAL. From there it took us a while to figure out where to go next, but we landed on the solution you see above.

We have a feeling Wordle 242 will be a tough answer for players to figure out. Caulk may be just outside the realm of everyday language for some folks, and it has a fairly awkward spelling. That said, this is a case where popular starting words like ADIEU might put many players in a strong position from the beginning. It’s those subsequent guesses, however, that we imagine will be the most challenging. It’s been a difficult week for Wordle puzzles thus far, suggesting the game’s new owners at The New York Times aren’t messing around when it comes to potentially outsmarting their audience. There’s no shame in coming to us for help as long as you were able to keep that winning streak alive!

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