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Wordle 234 answer: 3 Clues to solve the February 8, 2022 puzzle

A word outside the box.

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Wordle 234 has just gone live, and that means there’s a brand-new mystery word ready to be guessed. Need help figuring out the answer despite leveraging your best strategies and starter words? That’s what we’re here for. Below, we’ll offer three clues to help you guess the February 8 Wordle. For those who’d rather cut to the chase and know the truth, we can fill that gap as well. With our help, your daily problem is guaranteed to be solved in six guesses or less.

Wordle 234 clues

We’re big believers in the spirit of Wordle, which means we support giving the game’s large audience a puzzle to solve even when they’re stumped on the latest solution. Below you’ll find three clues related to the answer to the February 8 Wordle that may help you figure it out without resorting to looking up the answer. The clues will become increasingly more revealing as you progress down the list.

Clue #1: The answer to Wordle 234 is a noun.

Clue #2: The word has an A and an E in the third and fifth positions.

Clue #3: It’s a word used to describe a thing that goes around something else, often a square object.

When making your guesses it may also help to know Wordle answers don’t feature plurals and are often used in everyday language. The answer to Wordle 234 exemplifies both of these qualities.

Wordle 234 answer

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the answer for the February 8 Wordle is FRAME.

The answer to Wordle 234 on February 8, 2022.

Josh Wardle

This one took us five guesses to figure out despite our starter word putting us in a pretty good position from the beginning. Once we put in GRAVE, though, it sort of just became a mad dash of guessing words that fit the RAE pattern till we selected the correct one. You know you’re in a pinch when you start guessing words like CRAZE given that the Z is essentially a wasted letter if it’s not the answer, but we were able to overcome the hurdle anyway.

When considering the struggle we had, we’re guessing that more players might have a hard time figuring out the February 8 puzzle as well. While not totally uncommon, F and M, in particular, might be just rare enough to be missable. The solution itself is simple, though, which gives players plenty of room to guess it if you consider the full range of letters at your disposal. Something like CRAZE would certainly be much harder to expose, but Wordle 234 is still no joke.

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