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Wordle 228 answer: 3 Clues to solve the February 2, 2022 puzzle

Five letters of grossness.

Alphabet letters on wooden scrabble pieces, close up

Wordle 228 is live for February 2, and that means amateur and pro wordsmiths are hard at work trying to figure out what the latest five-letter mystery word might be. If you’re having trouble solving today’s puzzle despite leveraging your very best starter word and successful strategies, we’ll cut to the chase by nudging you toward the answer in three unique clues. If you’d rather just know the answer in an effort to preserve your sanity, we offer that benefit as well.

Wordle 228 clues

Before hitting you over the head with the definitive answer for the February 2 puzzle, we’ll try our best to help you discover the solution in three clues or less. As usual, the clues become increasingly revealing the further down the list you go, giving you the freedom to think about the word as much as you like. The clues for Wordle 228 are below.

Clue #1: The word is an adjective.

Clue #2: There are two vowels in the word in the second and third positions.

Clue #3: It has reached meme status as a word that makes people feel gross when they hear it.

Wordle 228 answer

If you couldn’t guess it from our third clue especially, the Wordle 228 solution for February 2 is MOIST.

Here’s the solution for Wordle #228 on February 2, 2022.

Josh Wardle

When it comes to our pattern of guesses, we started with our usual starter word SLATE, which offered confirmation of the S and T. From there, we jumped to leveraging the common use of the ST letter combination that often appears at the end of words. We went with FOIST specifically, as we felt it offered the possibility to eliminate the most vowels at once. That got us very close to the solution itself, so we managed to guess it on the following attempt.

Compared to other Wordle puzzles, we think Wordle 228 might see slightly more correct solves than the one players attempted on Tuesday. The solution’s common use as a meme ensures it’s at the top of players’ brains when guessing. The fairly high number of vowels and commonly used consonants also means most of the best starter words will probably get you there after a few tries. Our hope is that our clues help you out, but, if not, there’s always tomorrow.

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