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Wordle 222 answer: 3 clues to solve the January 27, 2022 puzzle

Go on the offensive with Wordle 222.

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Wordle’s daily word grind continues for January 27, but not every single player is the kind of bona fide wordsmith that’s always guaranteed to get the correct answer every single time. In this no-nonsense guide, we offer three clues to solve puzzle #222 with only the slightest hint of cheating. Want to know the new daily word without being told the precise answer? That’s what we’re here for. (We also have guides featuring the best starter words and tools to help you win.)

Wordle 222 clues

Before we reveal the true answer for January 27, we felt some players may prefer to be guided to the answer by a series of increasingly obvious clues instead. If you’ve already used up your full slate of six guesses or are struggling with where to go next, here are some hints to help get you there.

Clue #1: The word is a verb.

Clue #2: The word has two vowels in a row, right in the middle.

Clue #3: This word has slightly lewd implications at times, but it’s also something you might do to a flat-screen TV.

As always it helps to remember that Wordle doesn’t often feature plurals in its answer list, so don’t bother with those. You should also avoid obscure words as well given that the list of solutions was hand-picked by a human. This is a word you hear in everyday language on a regular basis, so don’t overthink your strategy.

Wordle #222 answer

As illustrated in the screenshot below, the Wordle answer for puzzle #222 on January 27 is MOUNT. To solve it, I began with my usual starter word, which immediately brought me to the correct location of the T at the end. From there, I went with COUNT because “nt” is a common combination in five-letter words. With that strong showing for my fourth guess, it was only a matter of time before I arrived at the singular solution.

Here’s the solution for Wordle #222 on January 27.

Josh Wardle

Hopefully, this guide answers any questions you may have about the daily Wordle for January 27. We suspect the vowels in the middle may help quite a few players solve this one using popular starter words, but it’s also impossible to make perfect guesses every single time. With any luck, this one wasn’t a streak ender.

If the chips didn’t fall your way this time, tomorrow’s another day to begin a whole new run of strong guesses. Just don’t tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook that you got help from us.

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