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Warzone Krampus location: Where to find the Santa demon on Caldera

Have you been naughty or nice?

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Warzone Krampus Skin

It’s that time of year once again, which can only mean one thing ... Christmas demons! That’s right, the new Call of Duty: Warzone Festive Fervor seasonal event has lots of holiday-themed goodies for you to enjoy, including the ability to take on Krampus, the Christmas demon himself. But how do you find Krampus on Caldera and Rebirth Island, and what do you get for defeating the creature? Here’s what you need to know.

When is the Warzone Krampus release date?

The Festive Fervor update goes live in Warzone on December 17 at the stroke of midnight Eastern time. In other words, that’s December 16 at 9 p.m. Pacific. Once the update goes live, you’ll be able to take part in the festivities including the ability to hunt down Krampus.

The update goes live in Warzone on December 16.


Keep in mind, the holiday-themed event has already begun across Vanguard and even Black Ops Cold War, but Warzone players will need to wait just a little longer.

Where to find Krampus in Warzone

Visit Fir Trees to find Holiday Crates, which give you coal.


The thing about Krampus is that he hunts players — not the other way around. According to an Activision blog post, Krampus will begin his hunt “within minutes of starting a match.”

Who he decides to hunt is random, though there is something you can do to increase your odds of being the demon’s prey. The new update will feature Holiday Crates, which have a chance of dropping at random locations, yielding either valuable loot or coal. Players who collect coal from the Crates are likely to encounter Krampus. He tends to go after the “naughty” players (collecting coal is a no-no in his book, apparently).

A guaranteed way of finding Holiday Crates is by hanging out around Fir Trees, which will be marked on your map as temporary landmarks. Visit a Fir Tree, stay within the capture point, and Holiday Crates will start spawning around it. After you capture the point, the tree will be decorated, meaning you’ve completed the event. Just watch your back, as other players will likely be doing the same. Once you’ve opened Holiday Crates and completely finished capturing the objective, it’s possible Krampus will begin hunting you. You’ll receive a notice that says “Krampus is Hunting Your Squad.”

How to defeat Krampus in Warzone

Krampus is a hideous Christmas demon.


When Krampus has his sights on you, you have three minutes to survive or defeat him before he moves on to his next target. One of the new Festive Fervor challenges requires you to deal 365 points of damage to Krampus, so it's worth shooting at the demon if you see him. It’ll likely take an entire team to take down Krampus. Hopefully, you have enough ammo.

There are a few things you should be aware of when fighting the creature. First, he throws explosive snowballs at you, so if you’re in a vehicle, we advise getting out because that could be a one-way ticket to premature death. In addition, Krampus can teleport so even if you think you’re in a safe spot, the demon can still get to you.

The final thing to be aware of is that Krampus will hunt you for three minutes straight, even if you eliminate him. The beast will simply respawn and continuously hunt you down for the duration of the event. Once the three-minute timer is over, Krampus will move on to another squad.

Warzone Krampus rewards

Players who encounter Krampus and face “his wrath” will get a special reward.


Activision has stated you’ll get “a special permanent reward for the squad that faces his wrath,” if you survive against Krampus. After you complete the event, you’ll be rewarded with a Krampus-themed emblem for your troubles.

The Warzone Festive Fervor update goes live on December 16.

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