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How to get Mechagodzilla in Warzone without overspending

This is likely an error.

Warzone Mechagodzilla

The Warzone Godzilla vs. King Kong update is here, and while the event itself has been mostly lackluster, the Operator skins released alongside it are some of the coolest the game has ever received. However, one in particular, the Mechagodzilla skin, has eluded players since the event began, as it isn’t appearing within the in-game store—at least, not as intended. An expensive workaround is available, and while it does allow you to get your hands on the skin, we highly recommend waiting for this to be fixed. Here’s what you need to know about the Warzone Mechagodzilla skin during the Operation Monarch event.

How to get the Warzone Mechagodzilla skin

You first need to buy the Godzilla and King Kong tracer packs from the Operation Monarch screen to trigger the Mechagodzilla bundle to appear for purchase.


Shortly after the launch of Operation Monarch, certain players could be seen wearing the Mechagodzilla skin in-game. But if you head to the store, there isn’t an option to purchase the skin, so how were players acquiring it?

Currently, you’ll see two tracer packs available for purchase in Warzone: The Godzilla and the King Kong bundles, each that come with weapon cosmetics, emblems, finishing moves, charms, and of course, the skins. But the pack for Mechagodzilla is nowhere to be found in the store.

If you tab over to the Operation Monarch page from the main menu, you’ll see a list of all the challenges that correspond to the event. On the right side of the screen is a section that reads “Buy multiple bundles, earn rewards.”

Each tracer pack costs $20, so it’ll cost a total of $60 to acquire Mechagodzilla currently.


Click “View,” and you’ll be taken to a purchase screen for the Godzilla tracer pack. If you buy the pack, you’ll then be prompted to purchase the King Kong bundle, and after you do that, the Mechagodzilla skin will be available to buy. Keep in mind, that each pack costs 2,400 COD Points, which is equal to $20. This means you have to spend $60 total just to get your hands on the Mechagodzilla skin—a steep price, despite how cool the costume is.

Is there any other way to acquire the skin without shelling out $60? Well, currently, no, but this is no doubt an error that will likely be fixed. Warzone doesn’t have a history of hiding certain Operator bundles behind others, so we’re hoping this is updated soon. Oddly enough, the Warzone Trello board makes no mention of this issue.

For now, we’d advise waiting until this gets fixed so you don’t have to spend $60 to acquire the Mechagodzilla skin. Operation Monarch is set to last until June 13, so there will likely be plenty of time to buy the Mechagodzilla pack on its own before the event is over, assuming Raven Software addresses this quickly.

We reached out to Activision to see if this is a bug that will be fixed, but they did not respond to a request for comment by publication time.

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