Warzone's new Cold War crossbow is broken. Here's how to unlock it ASAP.

The R1 Shadowhunter is the source of much confusion.

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Warzone just got a little deadlier. The Call of Duty battle royale game has a new weapon that’s making waves. The R1 Shadowhunter is a new crossbow that gives players some serious firepower in battle. It’s no nuke, but it’s sure to cause serious damage.

The crossbow’s damage isn’t what’s gotten gamers talking, however. It’s the weapon’s strange rollout.

The Shadowhunter dropped into the game ahead of schedule in mid-March to players’ surprise. Activision pulled the gun from the game and refunded players, but it created quite a bit of confusion for those who managed to get it. Now, the gun is officially out, but there are even more problems with it.

Here’s a breakdown of all the drama and confusion surrounding the Shadowhunter crossbow in Warzone.

How to unlock the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow in Warzone

Earning the crossbow is no easy task. You’ll need to get three “One Shot, One Kill Medals” over the course of 15 matches. Even trickier, you’ll have to accomplish that using a gun that has no equipped mods.

The R1 Shadowhunter crossbow in Call of Duty: Warzone.


The medal is rewarded whenever a player kills an enemy at full health in just one shot. That means that you’ll probably want to be somewhat proficient with a sniper or shotgun. Remember that the game features a Hardcore playlist, which gives players reduced health. It might be a little easier to get the job done in there.

Of course, players can also just spend some cash to buy it instead. Grab the Archaic Range bundle if you want to get hands-on with it without having to complete the challenge. That’ll cost you 1200 Call of Duty points, though.

How to equip the R1 Shadowhunter

Here’s where all this gets confusing. While the crossbow is officially in the game now, there’s currently an issue with equipping it. Players who bought the Archaic Range bundle are reporting that they’re unable to equip the crossbow. Those who earned it through completing the challenge aren’t having the same issue, so it just appears to be a problem with the bundle.

Developer Raven Software is currently working on a solution. “We're investigating the issue preventing players from equipping the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow via the Weapons menu after having purchased the bundle,” Raven tweeted. It’s unclear when the issue will be resolved.

What if I got the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow early?

If you managed to snag the Shadowhunter when it accidentally went live, bad news: You’ll have to unlock it again. If you did the challenge to unlock it, you’ll unfortunately need to get right back on the grind.

Activision has a slight solution for that pain point. Those who hadn’t finished the challenge yet will retain their progress. Those who fully completed it will have their progress fully wiped, but Raven Software has a way of dealing with that too.

“Players who previously unlocked the R1 Shadowhunter will be placed at 14 / 15 match completions due to technical limitations with player inventories,” says a note on its Trello board for the game. “This compromise will allow us to adjust inventories appropriately and establish a path of least resistance to obtain the R1 Shadowhunter when it is ready at a later date.”

Those who purchased the weapon when it was accidentally live received a full refund, so they’ll have to buy it again as well.

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