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Everything you need to know about the Uncharted movie

Fortune favors the bold.

After spending more than a decade in development hell, the Uncharted movie gased on the award-winning video game franchise is back on track. Developer Naughty Dog is the same studio behind other beloved franchises like The Last of Us and Jak, the latter of which is receiving a TV show adaptation.

Uncharted stars the charming but bumbling treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he searches for lost treasures around the world. The film will be a prequel to the video games and focus on Nathan's origins. But what exactly will the story entail? And how will it fit with the games?

Here's everything we know about the upcoming Uncharted movie.

When is the Uncharted movie release date?

The Uncharted movie is currently scheduled for release on July 16, 2021.

Is there an Uncharted movie trailer?

The Uncharted movie has yet to debut its first trailer, but we do have an in-costume photo of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

Tom Holland in full costume. Sony / Tom Holland

From this tiny snippet of the film, we can see that the Uncharted movie has done their best to replicate Nathan Drake's signature look from the game including his iconic ring.

Uncharted 4 Game Director Neil Druckmann was quick to point out that Holland's shirt is completely untucked. In the games, Nathan Drake constantly sports a half-tucked shirt. Maybe this can be edited during post-production or Holland will have a moment where he triumphantly attempts to tuck his shirt in, but only gets halfway?

What is the Uncharted movie's story?

It's unclear what exactly the plot will be for the Uncharted movie. We know for sure that it will serve as a prequel to the games. According to a common report, the film will portray Nathan Drake's first meeting with Victor Sullivan, his in-game mentor figure. Other reports say that the film will take inspiration from Uncharted 4.

Drake and Sully's fateful meeting, however, was actually portrayed as a flashback in the third Uncharted game. It's unknown if the movie will maintain the details of that interaction including the presence of the villain, Katherine Marlowe. Another possibility is that this meeting will be combined with some early adventures featuring Drake, Sully, and Drake's brother, Sam.

Canonically, the trio went on multiple treasure hunting adventures in the early 1990s. So the movie could be an expansion of all that.

How does the Uncharted movie fit in with the games?

As we said previously, the film is supposedly a prequel focusing on a younger Nathan Drake that takes inspiration from the games. Drake's age is up for question in this movie.

Drake first meets Sully at age 15 in the games. When they meet, Drake is sporting bangs and a baseball tee. He has yet to begin dressing in what we might as well call his signature costume. Yet in the film, Drake has already started gelling his hair back. It's possible that this story is taking some liberties with the narrative, as most adaptations do.

Drake could instead have met Sully in his 20s, reflecting Holland's current age of 24. However, that would diminish Drake's reputation a smidge. In the first game, Drake's Fortune, Drake is believed to be in his very early 30s. If he's in his early 20's here, Drake's status as a lifelong grifter might not feel nearly as justified. But it's perhaps worth noting that Holland does appear very youthful and has portrayed Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, as a teenaged high-schooler for several years now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who is in the Uncharted movie's cast?

The Uncharted movie currently has six announced cast members.

We currently know that Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg plays Victor Sullivan. Wahlberg published a short video to Instagram on October 25, 2020 that appears to be taken in character as Sully, complete with slicked-back hair and a mustache.

Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali, Tati Gabrielle are all cast in currently undisclosed roles. It's unknown if they'll portray original characters or adaptations of in-game characters.

Who are the Uncharted movie's director and writer(s)?

The movie will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who previously directed the Zombieland films and Venom.

Uncharted will be written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. The pair previously wrote the original Iron Man film and Men in Black: International.

Why has the Uncharted movie been seemingly delayed so many times?

In short, the film is being held up by a mix of scheduling and quality control. From what we've heard publically, each director and actor that had been attached to the film at one point or another eventually had to leave to work on other projects. The Uncharted film seems intent on not being another bad video game film. There have been multiple writer changes as well. Neil Druckmann once commented that they need to get the character relationships right for the film to work.

"The most important part to get right is Nathan Drake, Nathan Drake's relationship with Elena and Nathan Drake's relationship with Sullivan. If you don't get that right, I don't think the film's going to work. If you get that core right, there's a chance it could work, " said Druckman in 2016.

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