Everything we know about the Pokémon-inspired MMO Temtem on Nintendo Switch

Temtem go where no Pokémon has gone before.

Between dexit, expansion passes, and various other gripes fans have had with Pokémon over the years, many are looking for a change. At the same time, many crave a return to the classic turn-based monster experience. A monster-collecting MMORPG called Temtem launched on PC earlier this year to much acclaim from long-time Pokémon fans, many of whom hope to see the game ported to Nintendo Switch.

Will Temtem ever come to a Nintendo console? Well, yes, but not for a while. Here's what we know:

What is the Nintendo Switch Temtem release date?

Temtem has already been announced to release for Nintendo Switch. It will come to the console sometime in spring 2021.

Does Nintendo have any issue with a Pokémon clone coming to their console?

Apparently not. After all, Pokémon doesn’t own its gameplay format. Nintendo has hosted plenty of games that ‘clone’ their most prized first-party titles. For example, Okami HD apes Legend of Zelda HD titles, Poi Explorer Edition apes Super Mario 64, and every Metroidvania title apes Metroid.

If it makes money, Nintendo has no reason not to sell it. Monster Crown, another Pokémon clone, will also release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

The TemtemCrema Games

Will Temtem release on other consoles?

Yes, in addition to Switch, the developers are planning to simultaneously release Temtem on PS4 and Xbox One next spring.

Will the console release be any different than the PC version?

Yes, it will be vastly different. The console release will coincide with version 1.0, the most polished version of Temtem around! In the time between now and then, developer Crema will release seasonal updates.

For comparison's sake what the game currently offers, via Crema:

  • Over 20 hours of gameplay campaign gameplay
  • The first three main islands
  • Over 80 Temtem
  • Basic multiplayer features - full co-op, Player vs Player combat, Trading, and the ability to see other players roaming the world
  • End-game content such as Luma (shinies), breeding, weekly quests and events.

Here's the additions players can expect for next year's console launch:

  • 161+ Temtem (Including three mythical Temtem)
  • Six unique islands + one mini-island with end-game activities
  • Ranked matchmaking
  • Auction / Trading House
  • Clubs (their take on clans, including weekly Dojowars)
  • Housing
  • Arcade Bar
  • Nuzlocke game mode
  • Three mythical Temtem
  • In-game tournaments
  • Steam Achievements and Cards
  • A fully customizable outfit

Why should a Pokémon fan be excited about this?

Temtem takes many elements from mainline Pokémon titles and combines them with fan creations.

For example, Nuzlocke runs are a player-made mode where you only the first Pokémon you catch on a route can be caught. If a Pokémon dies, they must be released. This has traditionally been a player-enforced game mode, it can be difficult to keep track of the rules on your own. In theory, if Crema makes Nuzlocking ‘official,’ it could add all sorts of things to make the mode more compelling.

The potential for fan-driven gameplay modes is one of the most enticing things about Temtem, which is poised an actualization of what fans have loved about Pokémon for the last 20 years.

Temtem is currently available on Steam.

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