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Here’s Exactly How Long it Takes to Beat Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Is this an Elephant Mario-sized adventure?

Elephant Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Mario’s latest adventure is finally out on Nintendo Switch! Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a delightful return to the 2D platforming genre for the plumber thanks to a plethora of creative new features that emphasize the wonder (pun intended) of playing a good Mario game. But how long is it? We have your answer. Here is exactly how long it will take you to beat Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

How Long Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

That really depends on how you decide to play Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The game is sectioned into worlds, and each one requires the player to collect a certain amount of Wonder Seeds to progress to the final stage of said world.

Those who want to stick only to the critical path and collect the bare minimum number of Wonder Seeds to progress through the game (which will also lead to missing plenty of the game’s courses) will likely finish in around nine hours.

But Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a game packed with courses as well as even more hidden secrets to discover, meaning, if you are going for a completionist run of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you will likely spend roughly 18 hours collecting everything the game has to offer.

Most players will fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. As already shows, the average playtime for Super Mario Bros. Wonder is about 13 hours. Which feels like a fun-bite-sized adventure compared to some of 2023’s biggest games, such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield.

How Many Worlds Are There in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Like past 2D Mario games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is split across several worlds that include a number of courses within them. Super Mario Bros. Wonder has six worlds that the player needs to complete to finish the game.

But if you keep an eye out for secrets (of which there are many), you may just find something special. The number of secrets and new features like the Badge system make Super Mario Bros. Wonder a highly replayable game.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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