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Will Stray come to other platforms?

Are Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions in the cards?

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Annapurna Interactive

Stray, a game in which you play as a cute, adorable cat has captured a large audience, serving as publisher Annapurna Interactive’s biggest launch ever (on PC). Still, the game is only available on a handful of platforms, leaving a huge portion of players unable to check it out — at least, for the time being. Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom, as Stray will likely head to other platforms eventually, including Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Here’s what you need to know about Stray’s platforms and which consoles we think it’ll eventually come to.

What are the Stray platforms?

Stray is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. The game is a timed console exclusive on PlayStation, with the implication that it will eventually come to other platforms at an unknown time. It’s also a Steam Deck verified game, meaning it’s optimized for Valve’s handheld.

What are the Stray Xbox and Nintendo Switch details?

Stray isn’t announced for any other platforms, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come to Xbox or Switch sometime in the future.

Annapurna Interactive

Stray isn’t available on Xbox or Nintendo Switch and there are no public plans to bring it to those systems ... yet.

However, with it being a timed PlayStation exclusive, it’s implied that it will come to other platforms at some point in the future. It’s unclear which ones, but given the game’s wide appeal already, developer BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive will likely want to bring it to as many platforms as possible.

Timed exclusive deals can run for a wide range of time, from several months, to even years. In looking at Annapurna’s lineup of games, a huge portion of them eventually end up on all current platforms, from PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even mobile.

A recent example is Twelve Minutes, an adventure game that launched as a timed Xbox console exclusive in August 2021 before landing on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in December of the same year. Likewise, platformer The Artful Escape launched for Xbox and PC in September 2021 and then came to PlayStation and Switch in January 2022.

So, it seems plausible that Stray will come to other platforms sometime in 2023, or possibly later.

What is the Stray Xbox Game Pass status?

If Stray does come to Xbox, it’s likely it’ll be available via Game Pass.

Annapurna Interactive

Another question is whether Stray will be available via Xbox Game Pass when and if it comes to Microsoft’s platforms. Considering the game came to the revamped version of PS Plus day and date, and since many of Annapurna’s recent games — such as Outer Wilds, The Artful Escape, A Memoir Blue, Telling Lies, and Gorogoa — all came to Xbox Game Pass, it’s highly likely Stray will, too.

At this point, you’ll need a PS4, PS5, and/or a PC with Steam to run Stray, but it will likely come to other platforms — and even Xbox Game Pass — sometime in the next year.

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