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How to Unlock Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor and Take Down Every Opponent

Deploy a winning strategy.

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The holotactics table in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Fancy a round of Holotactics? There’s a lot of side activities to take on in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, from the hidden bosses and side quests to the myriad collectibles and even a special minigame. This game, titled Holotactics, pulls clear inspiration from other games we’ve seen played in the Star Wars universe such as Dejarik. The big difference? Your troops are pulled directly from foes that Cal Kestis has been in combat and scanned.

You’ll have to take on the leaderboard with strategic care if you want all the rewards for getting through every opponent in Holotactics. That’s why we’re here to help with a complete guide on how to unlock and take down every opponent in Holotactics.

How to Unlock Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor

Look for this point on your Koboh map.


You won’t have access to Holotactics from the get-go, as you’ll actually need to unlock it by completing a Rumor called “The Odd Pair.” The Rumor itself is fairly straightforward, as it has you saving two NPCs named Bhima and Tulli from a rampaging Mogu.

Follow the Rumor marker to Boiling Bluff, which is far to the Southwest of Pyloon’s Saloon. Once there you’ll find a Meditation Point of the same name, and up and to the left you’ll see a cliff. Jump on the nearby Nekko or call one by pressing R1, then use its double jump to get up the cliff.

The only way to get up this cliff is with the help of a Nekko.


After that jump across the platforms to where the Mogu is terrorizing the NPCs. Once it’s defeated talk to the pair and you’ll complete the rumor, and from there the duo will set up shop in the room on the second floor of Pyloon’s Saloon. You can head there anytime after to play Holotactics.

All Holotactics Opponents

Holotactics has some nifty rewards, including exclusive cosmetics and handy collectibles.


There are eight different Holotactics opponents in Survivor, and most of them are unlocked automatically through the story. For a few, you’ll first need to recruit the NPC by completing the proper rumor, however. Below you can see how to unlock every opponent and the reward for beating them. After that, we’ll jump into how to beat each one.

  • Turgle (Priorite Shard) - Unlocked automatically
  • Greez (Pilot’s Jacket Cosmetic) - Unlocked automatically
  • Tulakt (Anodized Metal Paint) - Unlocked automatically
  • Merrin (Ancient Scroll) - Unlocked automatically after the first visit to Jedha
  • Caij (Bounty Puck) - Unlocked automatically after meeting her on the second visit to Koboh
  • Skoova (Mustache Cosmetic) - Complete Find Mysterious Fisherman Rumor
  • T-1N8 (Datadisk) - Found during Investigate the Abandoned Shack rumor
  • Tulli (Skill Point) - Unlocked after beating all other opponents

How to Beat Every Holotactics Opponent

While you can use all your Battle Points every turn, conversing BP can be a huge part of winning.


The main thing to know about Holotactics is that the units you can use in the mini-game are unlocked by scanning enemies in the main game. This means you should make sure to scan every single enemy you defeat, and the further you are in the story, the more units you’ll have to use. Because of that, if you find yourself unable to beat an opponent play some of the story and come back later. Each round you get a pre-set number of Battle Points to use, but any unused points will carry over to the next round, meaning you’ll have more points.

There isn’t necessarily one single way to beat any opponent, as each wave can be tackled in any way you want. That being said, each opponent has a style they lean into, usually using one of the three factions. For each opponent, we’ll give you recommendations for the units we used to win. However, keep in mind that there’s a degree of randomness to each match as well because of how unit AI works, so you may have to try multiple times.


Turgle is by far the easiest opponent, and you shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever with his rounds no matter what you use. But here are our recommendations.

  • Wave 1 - Electrostaff Purge Trooper
  • Wave 2 - DT Sentry Droid, Stormtrooper x2


Greez uses a mix of Empire and Fauna, but even so, your best bet is usually to just double down on Empire units. You don’t need to worry too much about saving Battle Points yet, but if you do the last battle will be quite a bit easier.

  • Wave 1 - Droideka, B1 Droid Melee x2
  • Wave 2 - Electrostaff Purge Trooper x2, Stormtrooper Commando x2
  • Wave 3 - Droideka, Raider Veteran x2


Tulakt uses a mix of Empire and Bedlam Raiders, but they’re about comparable in difficulty to Greez. You’ll want to lean on strong melee units for the most part, and don’t need to worry about conserving Battle Points.

  • Wave 1 - Magnaguard x2
  • Wave 2 - DT Sentry Hammer & Staff, Electrostaff Purge Trooper x2
  • Wave 3 - DT Sentry Hammer & Missles, Electobaton Purge Tropper - B1 Droid Melee


Merrin could likely be considered the last of the “easy” Holotactics opponents. Each of her three matches awards you with quite a few Battle Points, and you’ll always want a heavier tanky unit to soak up attacks. If you’re smart, you can save a good amount of BP on the first two rounds.

  • Wave 1 - DT Sentry Hammer & Staff, Stormtrooper Commander x3 (Save 6BP)
  • Wave 2 - Mogu, Heavy Assault Trooper x2 (Save 4BP)
  • Wave 3 - Bedlam Smasher x2, Purge Trooper Commander


Caij focuses on having multiple units, most of which are ranged. Because of that, you want to make sure you don’t recruit too few units, as they’ll be swarmed by blaster fire. Again, a good strategy here is having a main tank and some backup ranged units.

  • Wave 1 - Bedlam Smasher, B1 Droid x4 (Save 2BP)
  • Wave 2 - Bedlam Smasher (Save 6BP)
  • Wave 3 - DT Sentry Droid Hammer & Staff x2, Security Droid - Baton


Skoova is a huge difficulty leap, not just having harder rounds but also bumping up to four instead. of three. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want melee units that have leaping attacks or can close the gap quickly. Scoova relies on ranged units with some tough melee units as shields. It’s very possible you’ll need to face Skoova multiple times, even with the units we’ve picked.

  • Wave 1 - Rawka x2, B1 Droid x3 (Save 9BP)
  • Wave 2 - Bedlam Smasher, B2 Droid x2 (Save 5BP)
  • Wave 3 - Bedlam Smasher x2, B1 Droid Melee
  • Wave 4 - Bedlam Smasher, BX Droid Hybrid, B1 Droid Melee


T-1N8 is every bit as difficult as Skoova, but she focuses entirely on Fauna units, which are typically tough and slow. While you might think to lean into ranged units, it turns out that swarming the enemy units with your own melee ones is typically the better strategy.

  • Wave 1 - Bramlik x2, Raider Grunt x1
  • Wave 2 - Gorger x10 (Save 6BP)
  • Wave 3 - Rawka x4, Raider Veteran, Raider Grunt (Save 5BP)
  • Wave 4 - Bedlam Smasher x2, B1 Droid Melee x3


Despite being your final opponent, Tulli is actually a bit easier than the previous two, as long as you have pretty much all units unlocked. You absolutely have to have Droideka for these matches, so if you don’t, just keep following the story until you fight them.

  • Wave 1 - Sutaban Alpha x2 (Save 5BP)
  • Wave 2 - Droideka x4, B1 Droid Melee x2
  • Wave 3 - Droideka x4, B1 Droid Melee x2
  • Wave 4 - Heavy Assault Trooper x5

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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