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How to complete the Olympus Race in Splitgate

Can you beat the best?

Last week, you scurried through a Pantheon. For a weekly challenge in Splitgate, this time around you’re heading to Olympus. Like most weekly challenges, this one comes with a reward. By completing the race on Olympus, you’ll gain some worthwhile rewards that can help progress your Battle Pass.

Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Olympus Race and claim your prize.

How to start the Olympus Race in Splitgate

Perhaps the hardest thing about the Olympus Race challenge is actually getting the actual race to start. If you’ve spent any time in Splitgate, you’ll likely believe that the game just offers handy shoot em’ up sections. You likely haven’t even encountered a race mode of any sort. That’s by design. Splitgate is more than just bullets and whistles, though.

Races in Splitgate are tucked away in a menu away from everything else. You can find them by going to the menu for “Training” and selecting “Race.” Once there, set the map to Olympus and click start. Voila! You’ve found enigmatic Olympus Race.

How to complete the Olympus Race in Splitgate

You need to collect the highlighted disco balls and oddballs to complete the race. But you might also want to complete the race in record time to earn yourself some bragging rights.

Here’s how you can do both. (Remember, you can see your progress in the overall race by using the top-left corner.)

  1. Run into the first disco ball.
  2. Turn right, pointing towards the opening. Put a portal on the angled panel then continue forward to ball two.
  3. Put a different portal on the panel to the left of the opening and walkthrough.
  4. After you go through, place a portal directly in front of you then go through the portal behind you. Do some grabs, and fancy tricks to eventually get four different balls.
  5. You’ll arrive at a narrow door with the time above it. Turn around and place a portal directly behind you. Go right through it.
  6. While you’re falling, shoot a portal behind the outlined ball in front of you.
  7. Drop down the center to collect the ball. Place the portal that you didn’t put behind the outlined ball under you.
  8. Again, place portals on every panel that you’re about to crash into. This will climax in you flying up the tube.
  9. Aim at the half-broken red tube across the way. Place a portal there and above you. Use your jetpack.
  10. When you land, place a portal in the nearby porthole and place a portal to your left. Walk through the portal.
  11. Now you’re going to hop across a few cubes with your momentum to collect numerous balls. Make sure to use your jetpack. You should be at 24 balls collected once this is done.
  12. Back up and you’ll see a slim portable rectangle in the distance. Fall off the platform you’re on into a portal under you.
  13. Now you should be able to use the momentum to finish the race in full.

If you did it correctly, congrats on finishing in near-record time.

What are the Splitgate Olympus Race rewards?

Your largest reward is the 10,000 XP for completing any Splitgate weekly challenge. This will be given to you automatically after crossing the finish line. You don’t need to best any time records in completing it to get the reward. You can finish in 30 seconds, like the current world record holder, or four hours. Finishing it in any capacity will earn you the reward.

Other than the 10,000 XP, you’ll also earn a sense of pride. Your fastest completion time will go on a leaderboard. It will be scrutinized and compared with your friends and others around the world.

If you can do really well, that’s something you can place on your fridge.

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