How to find fresh designs to upgrade and decorate your Splatoon 3 locker

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Splatoon is Nintendo’s most stylish series, and Splatoon 3 gives players more options than ever for crafting their own fresh fashion. While outfits and weapons are more robust than ever, Splatoon 3 gives you an entirely new option for self-expression, with a locker that you can decorate with a wide array of items and stickers. While it’s a nice little feature, Splatoon 3 doesn’t make it entirely clear where to find your locker, or how to upgrade it, so here’s everything you need to know.

How to decorate your Splatoon 3 locker

The first step to finding your locker is to hit level four, which means you’ll need to play a few multiplayer matches before it’s even an option. Most things in Splatoon 3 are locked out until you hit that level, including buying new clothes, playing Salmon Run, and more.

You can also view other player’s lockers in the locker room.


Once you’ve done that you want to head to the Lobby, the area where you join and wait for multiplayer matches. On the right side of the room, just behind the Shell-Out Machine, you’ll see a set of automatic doors. Head over and interact with them and you’ll find the locker room, which houses your own locker and that of other players.

You’ll get a quick explanation at this point, but to decorate your lockers just walk up to it (it’s the one on the left indicated by the arrow) and press “A” to open, then the “+” button to edit. At this point, you can press “X” to open the menu and select decorations, and then you can choose where to place them. As long as they fit you can place as many items as you want, and note that you can also decorate the inside and outside of your locker with stickers. Of course, if you want to decorate you’ll first need to unlock the decorations to do so.

How to unlock new locker decorations in Splatoon 3

Hotlandis, like other stores, refreshes its inventory at 8 p.m. ET daily.


There are two primary ways of unlocking new decorations and stickers, the first of which is simply playing through Splatoon 3’s story mode. When exploring Alterna you’ll find buried items that you can uncover by shooting the little red light that sticks out of the ground. Many of these buried items are locker decorations, and Smallfry can often help you find these as well, so pay attention to him.

Now the trick is that you don’t just instantly have items from the story mode in your inventory, but you’ll actually need to claim them first. To do that head to the Lobby and interact with the computer, then select “Get Stuff.”

Now the second way of obtaining locker decorations is by buying them from Hotlantis, a store that unlocks at level four. You can get to Hotlantis immediately by opening the menu with “X” or running to it manually in Splatsville. You can use cash to buy decorations from Hotlantis, and like the others stores, its stock will refresh every day at 8 p.m. Eastern. You can get cash by playing Turf Battles, Salmon Run, and Anarchy Battles.

The final aspect of earning new locker items is through the catalog, which we’ll dive into next.

How to unlock locker items in the Splatoon 3 catalog

Every three months Splatoon 3 will get a new catalog.


The first time you enter Hotlantis, you’ll be given a catalog with a brief rundown of how it works. Essentially when you earn XP in multiplayer battles or Salmon Run you’ll earn the same amount in catalog points, and each level you gain in the catalog will give you a reward. These rewards include emotes, gear, meal tickets, and locker items.

Every three months Splatoon 3 will get a new catalog, and the current one is known as Drizzle Season 2022 and is set to end on November 30, 2022. The catalog essentially works as a free battle pass, and Drizzle Season has 100 catalog levels that include dozens of stickers and decorations.

How to upgrade your locker and make it bigger

You can make your locker as minimalistic or materialistic as you want.


You can actually upgrade your lockers twice in Splatoon 3, providing even more room for decorations. The even better thing to know is that it’s incredibly easy to do, as you only need to reach level 15 for the first upgrade, and then level 30 for the second upgrade. After you’ve reached those levels head to the locker room and you’ll see an exclamation point that notifies you of your upgraded locker.

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