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3 magical builds to win every Spellbreak match

Spellbreak the mold.

Spellbreak has become the latest battle royale to captivate gamers. You play as a battlemage in a ruined land where you wield magical gauntlets that control the familiar elements of fire, ice, lightning, earth, air, and ... poison.

Like all battle royales, a storm circle gradually closes in, forcing players to fight each other to the death. But because everyone gets a starting gauntlet element and can pick up a secondary during the match, along with a slew of other items, customizing your ideal build can be quite the task — especially when you can hover around like Iron Man, cast two different attacks from each gauntlet, and combine elemental effects for explosive results.

Here are the three best builds in Spellbreak right now to help you prep for victory.

What's the terminology used in Spellbreak builds?

With every new game comes an encyclopedia's worth of parlance, and Spellbreak is no different. Before we get into Spellbreak's best builds, let's go over the terminology we'll be using:

Class – Prior to the match, you're asked to choose between six elements. This is your class. The element of your class will be your first attack spell as well. Your class will level up every time you enter a new circle, unlocking more skills. This cannot be changed until your next match.

Offhand Gauntlet – This is a second spell type that you can pick up during the match. You can combine it with your other spell type for amazing results. Unlike your class, this doesn't come with extra skills and can be changed at any time by picking up another gauntlet.

Talent – These are three passive abilities chosen prior to the match. Each one slightly influences your skillset, and more advanced talents can be unlocked by leveling up the class.

Rune – These items provide a number of movement abilities that can be repeatedly accessed after a short cooldown. You can only carry one rune at a time.

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3. Dragonfire build

This is a build focused on area-of-attack. Your character will have high mobility, attack spread, and deal heavy damage. It's a balanced build that will prepare you for just about anything. By combining the Toxic and Fire spells, you can create strong explosions that will heavily damage your foes while leaving a lasting effect.

You'll be able to easily control the battlefield by staying airborne.

Class – Pyromancer. This will give you access to the level two ability, Firefly, which propels you into the air after walking through your Flamewall.

Offhand Gauntlet – Toxic. As said previously, you can ignite the Toxic puff with your Flamewall for massive damage. You can also set the little toxic puddles ablaze to control where your foes step.

Talent – This build requires you to be fast and keep track of foes. Use Tracking, Fervor, and Recovery to do just that. Tracking lets you tag a target, keeping you informed as to who is active on the field. Fervor speeds up your cast time, allowing you to be battle-ready even faster. Recovery will heal you back to 50 percent at no extra cost. You'll always be aware and in tip-top shape with this build.

Rune – Featherfall. This rune will launch you into the skies, allowing you to survey the area and tag who you can while you're up there.

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2. Fireshaper build

This combines the area control from Fire spells with the fearsome brute force found in the Stoneshaper class. You can make your entrance by setting a Flamewall and igniting some ground. You'll then deal maximum damage with your Stoneshaper abilities.

Class – Stoneshaper. By Stoneshaper level four, you'll have access to two Boulderfall charges that hurl huge boulders at enemies. And each giant rock will grow in size as they're propelled through the air. If they hit somebody, these boulders will deal immense damage. You can further increase that damage output by throwing down a Flamewall. Boulders that pass through Flamewall will be ignited. When they land, the impact point will be set on fire as well.

You can follow up with a Shockwave skill. If you can aim it to pass through the fire, your shockwave will catch on fire as well, furthering your small-time career in arson.

Offhand Gauntlet – Flames. As mentioned above, they work well in tandem with Stoneshaper skills.

Talent – This build is all about using your powers rapidly to assault your enemies. Use a combination of Tracking, Fervor, and Recklessness. Tracking will allow you to mark foes, keeping tabs on them despite your Flamewall and other interruptions. Fervor speeds up your cast time, meaning you can fire more boulders in quicker succession. Recklessness increases your damage and reduces mana costs after you've lost armor. If you find yourself in an extended battle, this will help you land the finishing blow

Rune – Wolf's Blood. This lets you speed up your step, allowing for more aggressive plays. The Stoneshaper works best in close quarters. Using Wolf's Blood, you can get there immediately and stay there.

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1. Poison storm

Lightning abilities rely on rapid damage to be effective, while the Toxicologist deals damage over time. Combining the two damages will allow you to deal damage quickly while overwhelming your foe. If you can trap them in a Toxic Cloud, you've won. You don't even need to get close.

Class – Toxicologist. You're going to rely on your Toxic Cloud ability here. At level four, you gain two extra clouds. Cover your foes in Toxic Clouds then electrocute each one. They should take ample damage while within the cloud and you can bombard them with attacks if they manage to escape.

Offhand Gauntlet – Lightning. Assuming your foe escaped your toxic trap, attack them with your rapid-fire lightning bolts to quickly deplete what health they have left. If you can't finish the job, turn invisible and adjust your positioning.

Talent – This build is about keeping your distance while dealing maximum damage. To achieve that, use Runic Fluency, Scavenging, and Thirsty. Runic Fluency will let you use your Invisibility rune more frequently. Using the Toxicologist's level three ability, your Toxic Spray damage will increase, enhancing your blows if Toxic Clouds are unavailable.

The final two talents are to ensure that you can heal swiftly. Scavenging will let you heal from defeating a foe. Thirsty will increase the consumption speed of potions and shards, letting your recover quickly even while in the throes of combat. Combined, they'll keep you alive long enough to win the match.

Rune – Invisibility. This will provide you ample time for you to prepare your plays. If used during combat, it will enhance your Toxic Spray's damage, finishing the fight swiftly.

Spellbreak is available now on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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