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Everything you need to know about Sable

Yes, that’s a speeder.

Get out of the way Dune. There’s only one desert wasteland you need to witness this fall, and it’s in the indie game Sable.

In Sable, you’ll follow the story of a young girl named Sable. She’s completing a rite of passage that requires her to find a mask befitting her clan.

That’s the premise, but you’re not tied to a linear story. Sable doesn’t even have combat. Your only real objective is to explore the vast wasteland and relax. There are a bountiful number of puzzles, ruins, and dunes to explore.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sable.

When is the Sable release date?

Sable will be available on September 23, 2021. You’ll be able to enjoy it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Is Sable on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! If you’d prefer to not pony up real money for Sable, you’ll be able to play the game through Game Pass at launch. It should also be available to pre-load a few days ahead of launch. You won’t miss a thing you don’t want to spend a dime.

Is there a Sable trailer?

Yes! Of course, there’s a trailer. You can watch it below.

As the trailer opens, we can see the purposefully choppy movement in Sable’s feet and she runs through the world. We’re shown her tranquil life as she speaks to the denizens of her village. Sable makes her own speeder, which she uses to leave the village. Now she’s free to explore

We see a marshy swamp, a verdant forest, and a grave-like setting. The trailer shifts to man-made locations like ruins and technologically advanced areas, which are reminiscent of Shrines in Breath of the Wild.

There’s no conflict in this trailer, just vibes. Sable’s only goal is to explore the world. There will be smaller stories that you can find throughout that world.

According to developer Shedworks, Sable was inspired by a mix of Jakku from The Force Awakens and Studio Ghibli films like Princess Mononoke. Those inspirations really shine through in such a tranquil trailer.

What is Sable gameplay like?

You can find 13 minutes of gameplay below:

The gameplay showcases a similar world to the one depicted in the trailer. However, this 13-minute session provides a fuller idea of how Sable plays minute to minute. Interestingly, we can see Sable has internal monologues and dialogue trees for how she reacts to others.

We also get a gander at the short side quests that you can find around the world. Many seem to be simple errands you can run for eccentric characters, similar to the setup in Breath of the Wild.

When Sable goes to explore the ruins, we can see she’s engulfed in a field of light. Perhaps these provide her with new abilities?

Does Sable have character customization?

Of course. You’ll be able to customize Sable’s clothing and her speeder.

How does the Sable soundtrack use Japanese Breakfast?

Japanese breakfast is an indie band led by Michelle Zauner. They’re one of the few musical groups to have recorded a song in Simlish. And now, they’re crafting the soundtrack for Sable.

So far, the only excerpt from the soundtrack available is the song “Glider,” which Japanese Breakfast performed at Summer Games Fest. They’re expected to have assisted on the whole album. The full Sable soundtrack will be available on September 23, the same day as the game launches.

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