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How to Solve the Maddening Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Puzzle

This annoying puzzle will melt your mind.

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Resident Evil 4 hexagon puzzle

The Resident Evil 4 remake is full of puzzles to complete, many of which will test your skills. Arguably the most annoying is the Hexagon Puzzle, which is first found in Chapter 3 though it’s only completable in Chapter 4. This optional puzzle requires you to collect multiple pieces across two chapters and then rotate them in a certain way to create an image. However, getting the pieces in the right spots is maddening, as moving one also impacts two others. Thankfully, we’ve got everything you’ll need to know about this particular puzzle, including the locations of the pieces, and the solution itself.

Hexagon Piece Locations

Hexagon Piece A

You’ll find this piece in a chest across from the Merchant in Chapter 3.


The first puzzle piece is found in a chest across from the Merchant, just after the Quarry area in Chapter 3.

Hexagon Piece B

This puzzle piece is located inside the Fish Farm in a chest close to a Blue Medallion.


A little afterward, you’ll fall through a platform leading to a swampy area within the Fish Farm. You’ll find this puzzle piece inside a chest close to a Blue Medallion.

Hexagon Piece C

This piece is found right next to the Blasphemer’s Head.


In the same room as the Blasphemer’s Head in Chapter 4, look to the right and you’ll find a small container on a table with the last Hexagon piece inside.

Hexagon Puzzle Solution

After you’ve found all three Hexagon pieces, you need to visit the dock where you first found the boat. You’ll be in Chapter 4 by the time you find all the pieces, but once you do, head over to the right of the ladder that leads to the Fish Farm and you’ll see the Hexagon Puzzle.

To solve it, we suggest not jumbling up the pieces in an attempt to work through it. This is because the solution is very close to the starting position and only requires you to move two pieces. If you’ve spent some time on it and have moved the pieces around, we recommend visiting the nearby typewriter to save the game, which will reset the puzzle, before returning back to it.

From there, all you need to do is rotate the lower-left trio of pieces once, and then the upper-center trio twice. This will align all the images correctly to form the image required.

However, if you’re still having trouble, you’ll have to brute force your way through. The key is to position the piece you want to move in the very center. Then utilize the outer pieces to position that piece in the correct spot. Continue this process until you’ve successfully repositioned each piece to the correct spot.

Hexagon Puzzle Reward

For your troubles, you’ll earn a Deprived Idol, which can be sold to the Merchant for 15,000 pesetas. Thankfully, this is an optional puzzle so you don’t need to complete it to advance the story. But that’s a lot of pesetas that can get you all sorts of goodies.

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