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Here's exactly when you can start playing Pokémon Unite on Switch

A Pokémon MOBA for Nintendo Switch launches very soon.

A bold new Pokémon game is almost here.

While titles like the upcoming Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl are typically slower turn-based RPGs, Pokémon Unite is completely different. It’s a multiplayer battle online arena, or MOBA, like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm.

Teams of five Pokémon face off in real-time, using Unite Move moves to defeat other Pokémon and score points. Pokémon Unite should be a welcome change of pace for fans of the series, and it’s free to play too.

If you’re interested in giving the Nintendo Switch version of this Pokémon MOBA a shot, here is everything that you need to know about its impending launch.

When is the Pokémon Unite release time?

The official account for Pokémon Unite has not confirmed a specific release time on July 21. That said, new Nintendo Switch games often launch either right at 12 a.m. Eastern. If the game does not release at that time, a 12 p.m. Eastern release is another likely release time. We will update this post if The Pokémon Company and Tencent clarify the release time.

This release time will only apply to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. While Pokémon Unite is currently in the works for iOS and Android, those versions of the game won’t be released until September 2021. The game will feature cross-progression and is gifting the mythical Pokémon Zeraora to early adopters, so you should still jump in now if you’re interested.

What is the Pokémon Unite file size?

Pokémon Unite comes in at a fairly small file size of 928 MB. This is significantly smaller than your typical Pokémon game, which can come in at over 10 GB, or even a spin-off like New Pokémon Snap, which comes in at 6 GB. As such, it should be able to fit on the Nintendo Switch default storage without any issues.

Do keep in mind that this is a live service game that will be constantly updated, so its file size is bound to increase over time. It still shouldn’t cause many storage space issues if it stays around 1 GB in file size. Just ensure that you have ample space to install and update it before downloading.

Can you pre-load Pokémon Unite?

Yes, you can! Like other major Nintendo Switch exclusives, interested players can pre-load the game ahead of its launch. As the game’s free-to-play, you don’t even have to pre-order to do this. Simply go to Pokémon Unite’s page on the Nintendo eShop and click the “Free Download” button.

Once you do this, the game will download to your system. It will fully install ahead of its launch, though you won’t be able to open the game just yet. Whenever its release time does roll around, you can jump right in and try this bold new Pokémon game.

Pokémon Unite will be released for Nintendo Switch on July 21.

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