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How to block a goal in Pokémon Unite: Master this essential strategy ASAP

Watch out for the Score Shield.

One of the objectives in Pokémon Unites Beginner Challenge highlights an important tactic.

On Day 7 of the Beginner Challenge, which Pokémon Unite players must complete by August 19, players are tasked with blocking a goal. While the game briefly mentions how to do this in its tutorial, it can be tough to recall how to do it in the heat of battle.

If you want to complete the Beginner Challenge and unlock Crustle’s Unite License for free, you will need to know how to block. Here’s how to stop your opponent from scoring in Pokémon Uniteand one item you should be wary of while doing so.

How to block a goal in Pokémon Unite

All you have to do is damage the Pokémon attempting to score a goal. Once the opposing Pokémon takes damage, you will block their shot. High-scoring shots take a while to charge, so there’s a lengthy enough window where you can come in and attack to block the goal.

If you know you have to complete the “Black a Goal” objective, plan accordingly before going into a match. You might be better off using a Defender like Snorlax or a Speedster that can attack fast like Zeraora and play more conservatively.

Attack the Pokémon trying to score, and this won’t happen to you.

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It’s also easier to wait for someone who is trying to score a lot of points at once, as you’ll have a longer window to block them. A slower approach is definitely a change of pace for more aggressive attackers, but it will increase the number of opportunities you have to block goals.

How to block a goal if the Pokémon is holding a Score Shield

While attempting to complete this objective, there is one item you must watch out for. The Score Shield is a held item in Pokémon Unite. These items give boosts to a player’s Pokémon throughout a whole match. As this item’s name suggests, the Score Shield offers players lets players take a bit of damage before their shot is blocked.

The item can be upgraded to where a player’s goal can’t be blocked until they’ve taken 10 percent of their maximum health in damage. It’s a powerful item, and players can spend real money to buy it immediately and upgrade it. Expect to see this item a lot if you’re already in the higher levels of ranked mode.

If you’re playing in ranked mode against someone with this equipped, the only way you’ll really be able to block them is if you have powerful moves and they are taking a long time to score. It’s certainly not impossible to overcome, but this is one place where pay-to-win mechanics can rear its ugly head.

As long as you account for the Score Shield, play defensively and play against newer players in Standard or Quick matches, you should be able to block a goal in Pokémon Unite eventually.

Pokémon Unite is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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