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How to get Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite and what builds to use

The Embrace Pokémon is here.

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Pokémon Unite
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Gardevoir is the first post-launch addition to the Pokémon Unite roster, a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon that unleashes ranged attacks on enemies.

It’s the first of presumably many new Pokémon that’ll be added to the game, demonstrating the ongoing support from developer TiMi and The Pokémon Company. Pokémon Unite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game similar to League of Legends or Dota 2 — wherein its playable characters are at the core of the experience.

Since Gardevoir was just added on July 28, players will no doubt want to give the new monster a try. Below, we’ll cover how to obtain Gardevoir, along with the best builds to use for the character in Pokémon Unite.

How to get Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite

Gardevoir is the newest Pokémon added to Unite.

The Pokémon Company

Getting your hands on Gardevoir is simple. This Pokémon works like many of the others in the game, requiring you to obtain its license to unlock it. To do so, you need to select “Pokémon” from the main menu.

Here, you’ll see all the Pokémon in the game, including ones you might not have unlocked yet. Scroll to the right and you’ll find Gardevoir. Click on the ‘mon, and you’ll be taken to a Unite Battle Committee screen.

Gardevoir can be purchased for 460 Aeos gems (around $8) or 8,000 Aeos coins. Aeos gems are purchased with real money, while Aeos coins can be earned by playing the game.

Best Gardevoir builds in Pokémon Unite

Gardevoir is a high risk/high reward Pokémon.

The Pokémon Company

Now that you know how to obtain Gardevoir, let’s go over some recommended builds for the new character.

The first thing you should know is that Gardevoir is a ranged Pokémon that deals high damage but has low defense. This makes it a higher-skill glass cannon that’s high-risk/high-reward.

If you’re skilled, you can use Gardevoir to wipe multiple opponents at once, but you need to be careful since your enemies can do the same to you. Having the right items to get the job done will certainly help.


When it comes to Battle Items, we highly recommend coming equipped with Eject Button. This is particularly useful because of Gardevoir’s poor defensive capability — or lack thereof. With it, you can get up close to your opponents, dish out a slew of attacks, and then use the Eject Button to get out of harm’s way if you sustain heavy damage.

Keep in mind, you’ll have Ralts’ Teleport attack prior to this, and it works in a similar way with a shorter cooldown.

As for Held Items, it’s a good idea to go with Wise Glasses (boosts special attack by 5 percent) and Shell Bell (grants 60 HP recovery when you dish out an attack). For the last slot, there are a few options including Energy Amplifier (after using a Unite move, gain a 14 percent temporary attack boost) or Scoring Shield (grants temporary shield while charging to score a goal).


Level 1-3

Gardevoir has a few moves we’d advise using to maximize your performance in a match. Confusion is a must, as it causes high damage and is great for the early portions of a game. Along with that, Psyshock is an ideal choice, which deals a three-burst shot and can quickly take down an opponent.

Level 6-8

Another excellent tactic is to combine Moonblast and Future Sight. First, use the Moonblast attack, which sends a large blast towards opponents. If the blast hits, it deals moderate damage, but also leaves the enemy stunned. Then follow that up with the Future Sight move to cause a delayed explosion. Since your enemies should be stunned at this point, Future Sight is more likely to connect.

Level 10

Upon reaching level 10, you’ll gain access to Gardevoir’s Unite Move, Fairy Singularity. This is a powerful attack that sucks enemies into a black hole. It then displaces them and causes damage as soon as the hole disappears, making it great for crowd control or the Zapdos boss fight.

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