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All 16 held items in Pokémon Unite, ranked from the worst to the very best

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Your Pokémon is a trusty steed. As you fight enemies in Pokémon Unite, almost nothing is more important than having a reliable ‘mon by your side. We’ve ranked the best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite already, but now it’s time to figure out the second most important choice: held items. These are equipable items that provide additional effects to your Pokémon, altering their stats in some capacity.

As your Pokémon fights their way to the top, it’s crucial that they have the right equipment. If you’re backed into a corner, it might be your held item that saves your Pokémon’s tuches.

Before you enter your next match, you need to learn what held items are the best. We’ve ranked all 16 of them, so you don’t have to even think about it.

This list also assumes, like most of the player base, you’ll be queuing up by yourself. Certain items improve significantly with communication. These items will be noted as such in the list.

C-Tier held items in Pokémon Unite

The boys in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Company

C-Tier means “can’t even fathom using these held items.” These items have limited practical uses and should be met with the same respect you might give a loud toot: admirable for existing, but ultimately undesirable.

16. Float Stone – The Float Stone increases your movement speed by 10 percent and slightly improves your attack. While the extra speed might feel significant, it’s ultimately just a second or two faster than your normal pace. Other items will buff your attack more than a Float Stone, making it near useless in most regards.

15. Leftovers – When your Pokémon is not in combat, Leftovers will allow them to heal one percent of their health every second. There are better recovery options available and considering that other things already heal you frequently in-game, don’t waste a spot on this one.

14. Energy Amplifier – After using a Unite move, your Pokémon will deal increased damage. If you’re able to more delicately plan your team ahead of time, this item could be a huge boon. In a solo queue, however, it’s more likely the Energy Amplifier will hold you back by limiting how much damage you can deal at the start of the match.

B-Tier held items in Pokémon Unite

Zeraora in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Company

B-Tier contains items that are “ best forgotten in some cases, but helpful in others.”

13. Exp. Share – If you’ve got the least EXP on your team, this item will help you catch up. It’s great for Support characters, but can be difficult to use while in Solo Queues. You have no clue who else is wearing one.

12. Aeos Cookie – When you score a goal, the Aeos Cookie will slightly heal you. There are better items that can do the same thing. Don’t touch this thing.

11. Sp. Atk Specs – Upon scoring a goal, Sp. Atk Specs increase your Pokémon’s attack by 8. It’s a great item for aggressive players that rely on Special Attack moves like Gengar. But it’s not a surefire win, making it difficult to place higher.

10. Attack Weight – Similar to the Sp. Atk Specs, Attack Weight increases your attack incrementally as you score. It’s superb for aggressive players that rely on the Attack stat, but it’s ultimately unreliable.

9. Rocky Helmet – It’s a useful item that’s ultimately choked out due to the current meta. Rocky Helmet boosts your defense and HP. When you’re attacked with a physical technique, it will slightly damage the attacker. Unfortunately, the meta is currently leaning more on Sp. Atk, making this item obsolete.

A-Tier held items in Pokémon Unite

Machamp tearing it up in Pokémon Unite.

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A-tier is for items that when you spot them, you feel like you’ve found something you’ve been missing your whole life, like “Ay, it’s my beloved.”

8. Score Shield – While your Pokémon is attempting to score, they’ll be given a shield equal to 5 percent of their Max HP. While the shield is intact, it cannot be interrupted. This is a fantastic item for aggressive scoring, especially with more durable characters like Defenders.

7. Shell Bell – Your Pokémon recovers some HP whenever they land a move using Sp. Atk. This can be a great way to increase your durability.

6. Assault Vest – When not in combat, Assault Vest will give your Pokémon a shield equal to 9 percent of their HP. It greatly increases your durability, allowing for particularly squishy attackers to survive for longer times.

S-Tier held items in Pokémon Unite

Gengar in Pokémon Unite.

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S-tier is for items that when you see what they do, you reach with a “Shut up. This exists? It’s exactly what I’ve needed.” They’re items that are essential to have at least one of them in any build.

5. Scope Lens – This item increases the holder’s Critical Rate and Critical Damage. If you’re making any sort of offensive plays, this is a must-have.

4. Focus Band – This will give your Pokémon more Special Defense and Defense and heal them when at Low HP. It’s a crucial item for Tanky characters, allowing them to stay competitive for longer as they wait for a Berry to activate or a goal to score.

3. Wise Glasses – These ocular allies will increase the holder’s Sp. Atk by 3 to 7 percent. If you’re using a Speedster or Attacker, this item will grant you a reliably good bonus, making it essential.

2. Muscle Band – When you connect a hit, your Pokémon has their attack increased by 1 percent of the damaged Pokémon’s remaining HP. This will allow you to steadily destroy the opposition, making it another crucial item to use for attackers.

1. Buddy Barrier – When a Pokémon uses a Unite move, it and a close ally with the lowest HP are granted shields worth 20 percent of their total health. This item enhances the already crucial Unite moves, allowing them to totally turn the tide when used. It’s essential that any tank on the team has a Buddy Barrier equipped.

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