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How to complete all 26 Florio requests in New Pokémon Snap

For research!

New Pokémon Snap will evolve you.

Sure, you might start the game as an amateur, but you’ll become a pro shutterbug in no time as you build out your portfolio. The best way to forge your portfolio with some high-level snaps is by completing LenTalk requests. These occur when researchers in New Pokémon Snap ask you to take pictures of specific Pokémon while they’re doing specific actions. Completing requests can earn you exclusive rewards, but they’re also a great way to get three-star and four-star photos.

Here’s how you can complete every request found in the Florio region in New Pokémon Snap.

New Pokémon Snap Florio Nature Park (Day) requests

Full map of where to find every Pokémon in the Florio Nature Park during the day.


Use the above map as a key to locate every Pokémon in the Florio Nature Park (Day).

1. Request: One-Hand Freeze

Take a photo of Grookey as they perform a one-handed handstand. It’s very impressive.

Reward: Professor Mirror's Goggles as a profile icon.

2. Request: Three Friends among Flowers

Toss a Fluffruit into a field then take a candid as Scorbunny spends some time with Pichu and Grookey.

3. Request: Off to a Flying Startle

Give a Tailow a scare then take a picture as it tries to fly away.

4. Request: Swanna-be

Head to the lake and take a picture of a Ducklett in flight.

5. Request: Flopping by the Water

Even Pokémon abide by the survival of the fittest. Take a picture of a Pidgeot swooping down to pick up a Magikarp. Presumably, this Magikarp will be eaten for lunch.

You can do this by hitting the Pigeot with a Fluffruit, prompting it to land on a tree by Magikarp. Proceed to throw another Fluffruit at Magikarp, making it jump out of the water.

Pidgeot will now swoop in to eat the fish Pokémon.

Congrats, you’ve killed a Magikarp for a photo.

Reward: An Eye 7 sticker that can be used for photo editing.

6. Request: Dam, Sweet Dam

Toss a handy Fluffruit into Bidoof’s dam. Take a picture as it rears its head from the dam in reaction to the Fluffruit.

Reward: A Nose sticker that can be used during photo editing.

7. Request: Head-to-Head Competition

Use the Melody to rile up a Bouffalant herd. They’ll begin to fight one another. Take a photo of their internal skirmish.

8. Request: Hide-and-Seek in the Flowers

A Pichu is hiding in some flowers. Toss an Illumina Orb at its location to make it pop out. Take a picture when it rears its noggin above the floral spread.

9. Request: Don't Be Scared!

Toss an Illumina Orb at the first Crystalboom on the right side of Comfey’s habitat, encouraging them to approach the flower. Once Comfey arrives, throw it a Fluffruit to eat. Take a picture while it’s noshing on the Fluffruit.

10. Request: What's Up with Wurmple?

Tailows will often fly over the lake in flocks. Take a photo of one to get its attention. Toss an Illumina Orb at a nearby Wurmple to bring it closer. The Tailow and Wurmple will now fight. Take a picture while this is happening.

11. Request: Shockingly Well-Done

While passing by fruit and an Emolga, throw a Fluffruit into the fruit patch. Emolga will zap the fruit. Take a photo while this is happening.

Reward: A Effect 4 sticker that can be used during photo editing.

12. Request: Livening Up the Flowers

Head over to Florges. Play a Melody, prompting it to emit a bright green aura. Take your photo as this happens.

New Pokémon Snap Florio Nature Park (Night) requests

Full map of Florio Nature Park (Night)


Use the above map as a key to locate every Pokémon in the Florio Nature Park (Night).

1. Request: Sudden Movement

Give a Tangrowth a scare then take a picture as it tries to run towards a nearby ledge.

Reward: A Design 5 Frame that can be used during photo editing.

2. Request: Hard-Won Happiness

Toss the Pigeot found by the Bouffalant two Fluffruits in succession to endear you to it. Once that’s done, leave then re-enter the flower field for a special greeting, and then take your photo.

3. Request: Munching Murkrow

Toss a Fluffruit to a Murkrow then take a photo while it’s chowing down on the fruit.

4. Request: Where's That Pokemon?

Use Melody on the Caterpie behind the sign where Hoothoot is often perched. Once that’s done you can snap a picture.

5. Request: Who Needs Wings?

Toss a Illumina Orb at Dodrio, causing it to jump into the air. Take a photo as it goes airborne.

Reward: A profile icon featuring Rita.

6. Request: Where It Snacks and Snoozes

Ruffle Pinsir awake from his sleepy hole using Melody. A Heracross will also be prompted to move, making Pinsir react strongly. Take a photo of Pinsir’s reaction.

7. Request: Best Frenemies

Following completion of Where It Snacks and Snoozes, you’ll be able to spot Heracross and Pinsir hanging out in the open. If you watch them long enough, they’ll eventually start fighting. Take a picture of the skirmish to finish the request.

8. Request: Art in Flight

Hit a Swanna with a Fluffruit as they land in the lake to prompt the whole flock of the avian to take flight. Take a picture of the flock flying.

9. Request: A Terrific Yawn

Wake a sleepy Torterra with a Fluffruit. It’ll yawn. Take a photo as that happens.

10. Request: Asleep on a Calm Night

Take a photo of Sylveon sleeping next to Torterra.

11. Request: Hoothoot's Hidden Foot

Throw a Fluffruit at a perched Hoothoot. It’ll lose balance, revealing its foot. Snap a pic of that foot.

Reward: A Design 13 Frame that can be used during photo editing.

12. Request: For Whose Sake?

Use an Illumina Orb to light a Crystabloom and the flower field, beckoning Vespiquen to appear. Snap a photo of her as she’s entering the area.

13. Request: Dancing with the Queen

After the last request, keep the Crystabloom lit. Combee will appear and begin to dance with Vespiquen. Take a photo of the two.

New Pokémon Snap Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot request

A full map of Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot


Use the above map as a key to locate every Pokémon in Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot.

1. Request: Meganium's Pal

This quest occurs around the end of the course. It requires Meganium to go behind the tree in the final area. Although making that happen is entirely up to chance, you can boost your luck in a few ways.

  • Make Shaymin ride Meganium. You can entice Shaymin to come out by using an Illumina orb on the cliff by the first Crystabloom.
  • Make the Crystablooms glow. After letting Shaymin hitch a ride on Meganium, throw an Illumina Orb at the next closest orb. Make sure to do this as Meganium is leaning down to sniff the flowers, about 2-3 seconds before they completely touch the flowers.

Completing both of these should’ve prompted Meganium to take a new route, heading towards the Hoothoot tree. Throw six Fluffruits at the tree to knock Hoothoot out. Meganium will sit next to Hoothoot and you’ll be golden. Take your photo.

Amazing you’ve now taken every research photo in Florio, completing your collection.

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