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Use this Iron Hands build to demolish Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Raid battles

Hariyama, is that you?

Tera Raid Battle Charizard

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet feature Raid Battles where teams of four Pokémon and their trainers gang up against Terastallized Raid Bosses, Pokémon transformed into stronger, gem-like versions. Defeating them can lead to a significant payout of Rare Candies, Mints, and other valuable items. However, Tera Raid Bosses get increasingly difficult past the 5-star threshold. That’s how Iron Hands, a variation of Fighting-type Pokémon Hariyama, became the hot pick for carrying five and six-star Raid Battles.

The futuristic Hariyama-like Pokémon isn’t necessarily meta for completing the Scarlet and Violet story or fighting actual battles like our mid-game to late-game recommendations, but it is effective for soloing Raid Battles against even six-star Raid Pokémon.

Here’s how you can build your Iron Hands into a terafying solo carry.

What makes Iron Hands so good?

Redditor zs2399 demonstrates how quickly their Iron Hands can solo a raid boss with their Belly Drum and Drain Punch combo. In their clip, Iron Hands backs the Terastallized Cyclizar into a corner in under 30 seconds.

“At the first turn, use Belly Drum, then Drain Punch,” zs2399 explains. “If you don’t die, usually you’ll get all your HP back, rest would be pretty easy. Just remember to Belly Drum when the boss gets rid of your attack boost, and make sure that you don’t die, or at least too often.”

They also offer a number of tips, including max leveling Iron Hands to 100. Zs2399 is only one of many players (as seen on YouTube) to discover Iron Hands’ handiness in a raid.

Now, here’s what you actually need to do to make Iron Hands viable.

Iron Hands best moveset

The best build for Iron Hands heavily relies on Belly Drum and Drain Punch. Start with a hearty Belly Drum to maximize your attack and then recover your HP with Drain Punch. This combo basically makes it so that Iron Hands can sustain itself in a fight.

  • Belly Drum (Fighting): Learn at Level 84 — The user maximizes its Attack stat but loses HP equal to half its max HP.
  • Drain Punch (Fighting): Learn with TM68 — The user attacks with an energy-draining punch that restores the user’s HP.

The suggestions for the last two moves vary depending on the player. For example, GamingIntel suggested Thunder Punch and Electric Terrain. These moves complement Iron Hands as an Electric-type with a high Attack Stat. Similarly, Redditor zs2399 suggested Thunder Punch, Play Rough, or “other attacking moves” the player likes. These moves work more to counter weaknesses rather than complementing Iron Hands as a Fighting-type, though.

Iron Hands location and how to catch

Iron Hands is a Pokémon Violet exclusive. It can be found in Area Zero, an area that only becomes available toward the end of the game. Anyone who has Pokémon Scarlet will sadly need to trade for one. Redditor zs2399 suggested that Scarlet players trade for them with Brute Bonnets, a Scarlet version exclusive that Violet players seem to be looking for.

Iron Hands best Tera type

Terastallizing boosts the strength behind the user’s moves of the same type. In this case, Iron Hands should be a Fighting Tera type to get the most out of the Belly Drum and Drain Punch combo. Drain Punch, a Fighting-type move, restores HP based on the amount of damage it does.

Iron Hands is already an Electric/Fighting dual-type, so it’s highly possible that the one you catch will be a Fighting Tera Type without you having to do anything. However, in the case yours isn’t, you can try catching another one or change its Tera Type with Tera Shards.

Iron Hands best nature

Adamant is the ideal nature for Iron Hands because it raises Attack and lowers Special Attack, which is essentially a moot stat for it. The higher the Attack stat, the more damage Drain Punch will deal and the more it will heal.

What is the Pokémon Scarlet best Raid Pokémon?

There isn’t a one-to-one replacement for Iron Hands. Tanky Pokémon like Azumarill and Blissey can help players survive longer than other choices, though. GameRant points out that Azumarill in particular can pack a punch with Liquidation if it uses Belly Drum and has the ability Huge Power.

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