How to get 22 free items with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail codes

Score a ton of free items for your team ASAP.

For anyone who picked up Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX, the game has 22 free goodies ripe for the taking through the Wonder Mail system. All you need are the specific codes and the ability to scroll through Mystery Dungeon DX’s main menu to the Wonder Mail section.

If you’re looking for one or more codes, we’ve got all 22 current Wonder Mail codes right here.

What is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail?

Mimicking Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Mystery Gift system, which allows the Pokémon Company and Nintendo to distribute new raids, Pokémon, items, and other additional content, Wonder Mail does something similar for Mystery Dungeon DX.

By using the system, you can gain immediate access to all sorts of things like berries, TMs, and a few missions leading to specific Pokémon. Notably, some redeemed content will be locked if you have yet to clear the prerequisite story missions, but you should still redeem every mission anyway to ensure it’s on your system.

Wonder Mail option!


How do you use Wonder Mail?

It’s easy: simply start your game then continue to scroll on the Main Menu until you see an envelope featuring a Pelipper.

Click the envelope and you’ll be immediately brought to the Wonder Mail code entry screen. Once there, enter one of the eight-digit codes we’ve listed below and bingo, you’ve got some brand-spanking-new goodies.

Wonder Mail entry


What Wonder Mail codes are currently available in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX?

As of March 6, there are 22 different Wonder Mail codes that can be redeemed.

Among these codes, there are two missions and 20 item-based gifts. If you don’t have time to enter all 22, we recommend at least redeeming the two missions, the DX Gummi code, and the Flamethrower move.

Here’s the entire list of codes:

  • 991Y5K47 — Mareep Mission
  • 92JMR48W — Smoochum Mission
  • R13R6XY0 — Thunderbolt TM
  • XNY8PK40 — Brutal Swing TM
  • PFXQPCN3 — Bulldoze TM
  • P5R9411S — Flamethrower TM
  • 90P7CQP9 — Shadow Ball TM
  • 3TY1XW99 — Leech Life TM
  • N0R7K93R — Energy Ball TM
  • W95R91XT — Smart Strike TM
  • JR4113QS — Waterfall TM
  • XMK5JQQM — Ice Beam TM
  • 78SH6463 — Focus Blast TM
  • QXW5MMN1 — 3x Rare Quality Orb, 3x Inviting Orb, 1x Wigglytuff Orb
  • 8QXR93P5 — 40x Geo Pebble, 40x Gravelrock, 20x Golden Fossil
  • XT498SP7 — 2x Power Drink, 2x Accuracy Drink, 2x PP-Up Drink
  • 25QQTSCR — 1x Power Band, 1x Defense Scarf, 1x Gold Ribbon
  • 0R7910P7 — 2x Life Seed, 2x Carbos
  • 3R62CR63 — 5x Rawst Berry, 5x Chesto Berry, 2x Tiny Reviver Seed
  • H6W7K262 — 2x DX Gummi
  • XMK95K49 — 1x DX Gummi, 1x Rainbow Gummi
  • FSHH6SR0 — Oran Berry x10, Sitrus Berry x1, Reviver Seed x1

Over time, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company will likely add more Wonder Mail codes to the game, so be on the lookout for even more freebies in the future.

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