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Pokémon Masters update adds Red, Mega Charizard, and lots more

Pokémon Masters celebrates its sixth month anniversary and Pokémon Day with several new updates.

Game Freak is celebrating in Pokémon Day 2020 in Pokémon Masters, the mobile game co-developed with DeNA, by adding one of the biggest Pokémon heroes ever to the game, and he'll come with his trusty Charizard.

The Pokémon Company issues a surprise announcement Thursday that players could now encounter and recruit Red and his partner Mega Charizard in Pokémon Masters, but the update comes with a variety of other goodies.

Pokémon Masters' February 27 update doubles as the six-month anniversary of the game's release, so a lot of other new features and changes were also made to the game and detailed in the developers' most recent message to players. Of course, the addition of Red and Charizard will draw the most eyes, and players can also get Professor Oak and his partner Pokémon Mew if they sign in before March 16 and do a sync pair.

The reason Red only has Charizard in this game is that Pokémon Masters functions a bit differently than most Pokémon titles. Pokémon Masters is focused around sync pairs, three of which can be used in any given battle. Red and Charizard were designed to be quite powerful according to the developers so they should definitely be helpful to the players that unlock them.

Players can earn Sygna Suit Red and Charizard at any time but will have an increased chance during a special event that runs from February 27 through March 15.

Still, there's a lot more to be interested in with this update.

Most notably, the Battle Villa has been added and gives players a new way to fight. In the Battle Villa, players must make their way through a tough series of battles in an attempt to get to the Villa's final hall before the end of the event. There are a ton of completion rewards to get along the way, but HP and move points carry out from battle to battle, making this a tougher mode for more experienced players.

Additionally, several new log-in bonuses rewarding gems have been added, the Pokémon Center has been redesigned, and story events now happen on a dedicated event map that makes it easier to progress through them. According to Bleeding Cool, the game will also be getting more story chapters introducing Valerie, a gym leader from Pokemon X and Y, and her Sylveon into the game.

The Inverse Analysis

This is quite a fantastic update for such a significant day for the series. I've been looking for a reason to hop back into Pokémon Masters, and I may do that now as many of these features sound very interesting. Being able to use Professor Oak and Red is also great, and will likely draw in those who just love Pokémon Red and Blue. Though these updates a great, this isn't the only way The Pokemon Company is celebrating Pokémon Day.

New Max Raids were added to Pokémon Sword and Shield and a new mythical Grass and Dark-type mythical Pokémon called Zarude was also unveiled. Additionally, Google revealed the results of their fan-favorite Pokémon poll and Pokémon X and Y starter Geninja came out on top. Finally, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution, a 3D remake of the classic movie, has just released in North America on Netflix.

If you are Pokémon fan, there certainly isn't a lack of stuff to do for Pokémon Day 2020!

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