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How to make a long-distance trade with a friend in Pokémon Home

Give long distance the try it deserves.

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Social distancing has made certain video game activities more challenging, like Friend Trading in Pokémon Home. To remedy this, Pokémon Home has enabled long-distance trading through the mobile app, allowing you to trade with friends over the internet.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of the temporary feature.

How do you use long-distance trading in Pokémon Home?

Before starting long-distance trading, update your app to the latest version. Once that’s done, add the person you’d like to trade with as a friend by clicking on the “Friends” menu, then “Add Friend.” You’ll then be able to add them via friend code. Alternatively, you can give them your friend code, which can be found above the button used to enter a friend code.

Once you’ve added your dear pal, head to the GTS menu and click “Friend Trade.” Select your trade partner, who will then receive a prompt to select you on their end. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to trade Pokémon. The process will need to be repeated for each trade performed. You can complete up to 10 Friend Trades in a day. (That’s for all your friends for a total of 10 each day, not 10 per person.)

The same Pokémon Home update included other additions, such as a decrease in time needed for Wonder Box trading, the feature that lets you trade multiple Pokémon in exchange for a quantity of random Pokémon equal to the number you deposited. It also increased the number of free Room Trades allotted per day from three to 10.

Trading with my pal, Ben


Developers have not announced a specific end date for these temporary features, but it will likely occur when quarantine breaks. Luckily, you’ll still be able to long-distance trade using a little workaround when that happens.

How did people work around long-distance trading before the update in Pokémon Home?

Before Pokémon Home update 1.1.0, trainers used two techniques to circumvent the trading limitations.

The first method requires one participant to place the Pokémon they intend to trade on GTS. The two participants should agree on what’s being traded before placing the Pokémon on GTS and requesting specific information to avoid trading with the wrong person. Make sure both parties are online at the same time.

The second workaround involves utilizing Room Trades, where three or more participants select a Pokémon to give up. Then they’re all switched at random. A Reddit user found that you could circumvent the trade limitations in six easy steps.

  1. Create a second Pokémon Home account.
  2. Use your main account to host a Pokémon Home Trade Room that can only be joined via code.
  3. Invite the person you want a Pokémon from.
  4. Invite your “second” account.
  5. Once you reach the “Select Pokémon” menu, have the second account exit the room.
  6. Complete the trade as intended. Repeat steps 2-6 until all desired Pokémon have been traded.

Pokémon Home is available for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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