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Persona 5 Royal has 3 gifts for players who have a Persona 5 save file

This should make Kamoshida's Palace a lot easier.

Nice job, Joker! You’ve come to the slick, stylish world of Persona 5 a second time to enjoy all the brand new updated content in P5 Royal. However, you don’t want those hours you sunk into the original Persona 5 to be for naught, right? While all your levels and items won't transfer to the enhanced version of the game that launches March 31, you can download a nice little freebie to enhance your Royal experience. Here's what you need to know.

Acknowledge your Persona 5 save

When you start Persona 5 Royal, you’ll be asked if you have a Persona 5 save file. Say yes here. You won’t have any chance to change your answer, so make sure you say yes here if you’ve played P5 already. You can also quit your game and try vanilla P5 if you have a friend's copy handy.

If you don’t say yes, you’ll have to restart your entire save file to do it again.

Wait until the calendar hits 4/12

After acknowledging you have a Persona 5 save file, you’ll be told that your bonus is available in a cardboard box within your room. This is a bit misleading: the box in your room will contain your bonus eventually, but it won’t do so until the calendar reaches 4/12. You get a chance to interact with the box on 4/9, all it does is provide you with a set of casual clothing.

The famous cardboard box


Once 4/12 hits, the cardboard box is somehow restocked and will now contain your bonus. It's located on the bottom of the shelf to the left of your room’s entryway and reads 'Storage.' Interact with it and you’ll get your bonuses for playing Persona 5!

What do you get for having a Persona 5 save file?

For importing your Persona 5 save, you get three things: 50,000 yen, three bead chains (which fully restore HP to all allies), and three Revival Beads that can revive a fallen ally with 50 percent of their total HP.

Although it’s a rather small gift, the items do make Kamoshida’s palace far easier. I suggest that you spend the 50,000 on purchasing armor, weaponry, and accessories from Iwai’s shop in Shibuya. If you purchase the best items he has to offer for Joker, Morgana, Ryuji, and Ann, the first boss will melt like butter and there should still be a sizable amount left in your wallet.

Persona 5 Royal is available now for PS4.

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