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Every answer you need to become the crossword master of Persona 5 Royal

NYT crossword editor Will Shortz is the most OP Persona.

When you’re not dungeon crawling or hanging out with your pals in Persona 5 Royal, you’re trying your best to improve yourself by increasing your five social stats: Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm. Each one increases a bit by completing small tasks, like studying, eating, watching a movie, or working a part-time job.

Unfortunately, these tasks take up that could be used hanging with your pals or dungeon crawling. Luckily, certain tasks are both brief enough to not take away time and still increase your social stats. In vanilla Persona 5, completing crossword puzzles was an easy way to increase your knowledge stat by a point, while saving time. Persona 5 Royal takes it to the next level by introducing 34 new word puzzles, and we’ve got the answers to all of them.

How do I find and complete the crossword in Persona 5 Royal?

When it’s available, the crossword can be found on the table in LeBlanc near the staircase. It’ll appear as a bright red magazine. Interact with it to get the crossword started.

You’ll be given a letter bank and a few clues. One clue will be highlighted in light blue. If you can answer the light blue crossword answer, the game will consider the crossword complete, thus rewarding you with a boost to your Knowledge stat without any in-game time passing. You can answer the non-highlighted questions as well, all it will do is reduce the letters available, thus narrowing down what the other answers can be. There is no gameplay benefit for being a crossword completionist.

A blank crossword


Below, you'll find a complete list of all 34 answers needed for completion, as well as the optional responses. Note that while the crosswords will appear in the order outlined below, they won’t appear on specific dates.

What are the crossword answers in Persona 5 Royal?

  1. How school years are divided? Answer: Semester Optional Answers: Grade, Exam, Teach
  2. Hanami: cherry (?) viewing? Answer: Blossom Optional Answers: Bud, Spring, Picnic
  3. Time for a trip: (?) week? Answer: Golden Optional Answers: Goose, Hour, Egg, Gate
  4. What are the May Blues? Answer: Malaise Optional Answers: Gloom, Blight, Ache
  5. Where art is shown off and sold? Answer: Gallery Optional Answers: Dali, Louvre, Mural
  6. A type of outdoor allergy? Answer: Pollenosis Optional Answers: Sneeze, Nose
  7. Nihonga: (?) cultural artwork? Answer: Japanese Optional Answers: Nori, Obi, Ikebana
  8. Label for unparalleled artist? Answer: Master Optional Answers: Rembrandt, Sketch
  9. Held to inform the public? Answer: Conference Optional Answers: Badge, Speak
  10. Changes with the season? Answer: Wardrobe Optional Answers: Closet, Design
  11. Exchanged all over the world? Answer: Currency Optional Answers: Euro, Wallet, ATM
  12. A border between air masses? Answer: Front Optional Answers: Iced, Weather, Storm
  13. Medicine of varying legality? Answer: Narcotics Optional Answers: Opium, Smuggle
  14. Many students’ greatest love? Answer: Vacation Optional answers: Travel, Summer
  15. These gauge student knowledge? Answer: Finals Optional Answers: Cram, Stress, Notes
  16. A seasonal sky-bound event? Answer: Fireworks Optional Answers: Boom, Sparkler
  17. A stationary hotspot: heat (?) Answer: Island Optional Answers: Vibes, Lei, Coconut
  18. Necessary for dares. Answer: Courage Optional Answers: Moral, Social, Lion
  19. A common skin injury Answer: Sunburn Optional Answers: SPF, Ouch, Lotion, Hot
  20. When it’s too hot to sleep. Answer: Sweltering Optional Answers: Shade, AC, Ice, Fan
  21. Techy term for e-infiltration Answer: Hacking Optional Answers: Breach, Virus, Sin
  22. Localized destructive storm. Answer: Typhoon Optional Answers: Gust, Gap, Advisory
  23. Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?) Answer: Festival Optional Answers: Fun, Shrine, Games
  24. Establishing an order of worth? Answer: Ranking Optional Answers: Academic, Senior
  25. Absorbs the most light? Answer: Black Optional Answers: Abyss, Shadow, Widow
  26. Co-opted Celtic holiday? Answer: Halloween Optional Answers: Treats, Witch
  27. Lined up at school festivals? Answer: Stalls Optional Answers: Yakitori, Yakata
  28. Tipster hotlines offer this? Answer: Reward Optional Answers: Offer, Earned, Cash
  29. Laying into someone? Answer: Bashing Optional Answers: Verbal, Physical
  30. Draws people to you? Answer: Charisma Optional Answers: Boring, Swagger
  31. A.K.A sweating sickness? Answer: Influenza Optional Answers: Fatigue, Achoo
  32. What lights do for store signage?Answer: Illumination Optional Answers: Candle, Torch
  33. Politicians thrive on this rating? Answer: Approval Optional Answers: Electoral, Poll
  34. Joyful holiday w/ an intruder? Answer: Christmas Optional Answers: Chimney, Carol

Hopefully, this made you quite a bit smarter.

Persona 5 Royal is now available for PlayStation 4

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