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Everything we know about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro

Can you go pro?

Nintendo destroyed expectations in July 2021 by announcing the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. It’s a souped-up version of the best-selling console with a larger, better screen and other new features. Despite improvements, this evolution fell short of expectations established by industry insiders for a Nintendo Switch upgrade. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier claimed it would have 4K resolution and other hardware upgrades, allowing the console to compete with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Is this the Nintendo Switch Pro with a new name? Or is a more robust version of the console still in development? Here’s everything we know about the Nintendo Switch’s theoretical future upgrade.

Is a Nintendo Switch Pro actually in development?

The Nintendo Switch Pro has yet to be officially announced, so there’s no easy answer here. But various leaks and rumors indicate that Nintendo does have plans for one.

After Nintendo announced the OLED model, Inverse reached out to analysts about the Nintendo Switch Pro. “I believe we will see a stronger upgrade than this one along the line before Nintendo releases an all-new console,” Serkan Toto of Kantan Games said. This statement did come with the caveat that the upgraded console is “several years” away.

Taking Toto’s plural year description into consideration, this upgrade won’t be available until 2023 at the earliest.

A Nintendo Switch OLED Console.Nintendo

Is there a trailer for the Nintendo Switch Pro?

No, there isn’t a trailer. The console has yet to be announced.

What features does the Nintendo Switch Pro have?

It’s not officially available, so we don’t know what features it will have in full detail, but a few things have been alleged via leaks:

  1. OLED screen in handheld mode and 4K display while docked.
  2. A custom Nvidia Tegra Xavier processor
  3. Health Tracking
  4. USB 3.0
  5. A 64GB SSD

We don’t know if these features will actually be available on a Nintendo Switch Pro, but these have all been suggested across leaks and patents.

A Nintendo Switch OLED console in table top mode.Nintendo

How much does the Nintendo Switch Pro cost?

Nintendo Switch Pro has yet to be announced, but experts like Matthew Kanterman of Bloomberg Intelligence and Serkan Toto have landed on some range of price. On multiple occasions, these experts have suggested that the Nintendo Switch Pro would cost at least $100 more than the current model. That would place it at $399.99.

Seeing as the slightly upgraded Nintendo Switch OLED model costs $50 more than the base Nintendo Switch, these assumptions were likely not far from the mark.

If the Nintendo Switch Pro is ever announced, it will likely cost around $400.

Is there a Nintendo Switch 2?

Concurrently with discussions of the Nintendo Switch Pro, there exists another console: Nintendo Switch 2. Rather than being an interim upgrade like the Pro is allegedly going to be, Nintendo Switch 2 is designed as a full successor. This would make it a full generational console upgrade, granting Nintendo its first next-gen console.

Due to the introduction of the Nintendo Switch OLED model, some believe the next console upgrade will be the Nintendo Switch 2. When Inverse spoke to Omdia Senior Analyst of Marketing and Games Matthew Bailey, they claimed the Nintendo Switch 2 would be the gaming giant’s next system. All the technical upgrades expected to be added with the Nintendo Switch Pro, would actually come with the Nintendo Switch 2.

We can only wait and see for what happens next.

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