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How to play Monster Hunter Stories 2 with friends

Work with your friends or fight them.

Call your boys, it’s hunting time. A new Monster Hunter game is an event that will unite your friends from far and wide to defeat giant monsters. In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you can team up with a friend to defeat a classic monster like Rathalos or Pukei Pukei. Alternatively, you can fight against a friend in the new PVP mode.

All you have to do first is unlock multiplayer. Here’s exactly how to do just that in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

How to unlock multiplayer in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Mild spoilers for Monster Hunter Stories 2 follow.

To unlock multiplayer in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you’ll need to complete a fair bit of the story mode. During the mission “A Stranger in Black,” the character Alwin will challenge you to a duel to test your mettle. It doesn’t matter if you win this battle; You just have to try.

The quest board for starting Multiplayer.


Following the battle with Alwin, he’ll inform you that there’s a whole world of hunters out there. He encourages you to try multiplayer you want to experience more battles. From this point on, multiplayer will be unlocked and you’ll be able to play with your pals.

How to play Monster Hunter Stories 2 multiplayer

Once you’ve unlocked multiplayer, you’ll be able to play it by interacting with any village quest board. This will be denoted by a white square with an exclamation point on your map.

After arriving, you’ll need to select “Multiplayer” the choose between Online Play and Local Play. If your pals are in your immediate proximity, choose “Local Play.” Select “Online Play” if you need to play over WiFi.

Another menu in Multiplayer.


Following your selection, you need to either select “Co-Op Quests” or “Versus Battles.” No matter your choice, make sure to highlight the friendly face if you want to join your pals and select the globe if you’re okay playing with anyone. If available, you can also join a game using a match code. Match hosts can find the match code in the top right corner once they’ve entered an area called the “Riders Hub.”

Before you start, make sure to select your desired party and equipment in the “Multiplayer Setup” menu. You can find it directly below the “Match ID Search” option on the Multiplayer menu.

How do you play Monster Hunter Stories 2 Co-Op Quests?

If you want to play a Co-Op Quest, you’ll have to first select your desired quest type. You can choose either Time, Slay, or Explore.

All three options provide slightly different experiences:

  • Selecting a Time quest means you’ll have a time limit to eliminate a select number of monsters. The faster you can win, the better your reward.
  • During Slay quests, you’ll be tasked with slaying a specific monster. Once you defeat the monster, you’ll have one minute to either collect the egg from the den or leave.
  • In an Explore quest, your goal can vary between missions. Sometimes explore quests will require you to defeat a certain monster. Other times, you’ll be asked to collect a specific item. Unlike the other two quests, each explore quest requires you to pony up an Expedition Ticket. These can be obtained either by purchasing them from Melynx Inc. or earned at specific points in the game.

After making your selection, press “OK” to be launched into the Rider’s Hub while you wait for your friend to join.

How do you play Monster Hunter Stories 2 Versus Battles?

Preparing for Multiplayer combat.


For Versus Battles, you can play in either 1v1 or 2v2 mode. There are numerous rules that you can employ for both to further balance a match. Make sure to select wisely while you’re setting up your battle.

Does Monster Hunter Stories 2 multiplayer scale level?

You might be petrified that your level 50 friend is going to zap the fun out of the game, when they play with you, a level 20 novice. They won’t.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a scaling system in both co-op and PVP.

In co-op, your more powerful friend will be curbed in strength to make things a bit fairer. During PVP, you and your opponent will be scaled to level 50, making you equal.

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