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Everything we know about Mass Effect Legendary Edition

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite information summary on the Citadel.

Mass Effect is one of the all-time greatest sci-fi video games. Replaying the franchise remains perhaps the strongest argument for keeping a PS3 or Xbox 360 within easy reach. That could soon change though, if long-running rumors of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster called Mass Effect Legendary Edition are true. The remaster has been rumored to be a more robust overhaul than just bringing the visuals up to date, and is speculated to alter the first game in the series to feature gunplay up to snuff with the later games.

Here's everything we know about Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

When is the Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date?

Electronic Arts has yet to officially announce Mass Effect Legendary Edition, so there's not yet a release date. Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat suggested that it was originally intended to be announced in October 2020 then released shortly after. This would make sense, as the game has already made headlines for being rated in numerous countries.

According to Grubb, the Mass Effect remaster is currently targeting an early 2021 release. There's a decent chance we could get a firm date from EA on November 7 — more on that below.

Is there a trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

No, not yet. The game has yet to be announced, so we don't have an official trailer. Once a trailer's made public, we'll be sure to post it here.

Commander Shepard and his closest friends. BioWare

What platforms will Mass Effect Legendary Edition be available on?

A Portuguese game retailer allegedly listed a page for Mass Effect Legendary Edition prematurely back in September. According to this since-deleted listing, the collection will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

What's included in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will reportedly include include remasters of the entire trilogy with all the DLC packaged in. This collection will exclude the multiplayer experience that was once paired with Mass Effect 3. It's unknown how the absence of multiplayer will affect Mass Effect 3's story mode, as the two were closely intertwined in the original version.

What changes were made for Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Grubb claims that the trilogy's graphics and gameplay have been improved for the upcoming remaster, noting that EA had given particular focus to bringing the first Mass Effect up to the quality of its successors. Because gameplay has yet to be shown, we don't know to what extent these changes were made. It's possible that they altered gunplay to be more in line with later titles.

This isn't uncommon to do when remastering trilogies. The Nathan Drake Collection unified shooting mechanics across the three games when it released, substantially altering the janky first game, Uncharted Drake's Fortune.

the original Mass Effect could receive similar changes.

When will more information on Mass Effect Legendary Edition arrive?

There isn't a definitive date for when we'll have more information, but it's being heavily hinted that the game will be announced on N7 day, November 7.

N7 day is a fan holiday that references protagonist Commander Shepard's rank in the series. This year, the cast of Mass Effect, including Commander Shepard himself, Mark Meer, will host a YouTube reunion from 2 pm ET to 4 p.m. ET on N7 day. You can watch it below when the time comes.

In addition to the cast reunion, numerous industry observers have dropped some unsubtle clues about a big November 7 announcement ahead of the cast reunion. If such predictions prove accurate, news regarding the series should appear on the BioWare Blog tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET.

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