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How to complete the hidden objectives for Marvel's Avengers' exotic gear

Exotic excellence.

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As you progress through Marvel's Avengers, you'll eventually hit the current endgame. When that happens, it might feel like strength gains have slowed to a crawl. Remedy this by farming for better gear, such as the red-hued "exotic gear." You'll unlock this tier of equipment after you've reached a certain point in the game, and it truly change everything

Here's everything to know about exotic gear.

What is exotic gear?

Exotic gear is the highest tier of gear, above even legendary. The term was first put into popular use by the game Destiny. In Destiny, exotics are highlighted in a light-yellow color that stands out amongst the grey, green, blue, and purple gear. Often, each exotic has its own backstory and unique stats that couldn't be found anywhere else in the game. This also meant that you couldn't find an equivalent to an exotic on a lower rarity tier. Destiny told you they were something special and meant it.

That is not the case in Marvel's Avengers, where exotics are just the highest tier of gear. Exotic equipment will always be some of the best, but they're not really that special. Some players have even reported finding legendary gear with the same name and stats as exotic gear.

Cap and his exotic gear

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How do you unlock exotic gear?

From what it seems, you do need to fulfill a few prerequisites before you can begin unlocking exotic gear.

The first is that you need to beat Marvel's Avengers campaign. You also need to partially complete the mission chain titled "Avenger's Initiative." This will unlock either after you've completed the story mode or the minute you start playing multiplayer.

Once you've reached Step 9 of the mission chain, you'll unlock a new chain titled "Last Avenger Standing." That will lead you to a new survival mission "Elite Heroic Hive." This is where you'll earn your exotic gear while fighting numerous waves of enemies. If you can persevere, you'll have a chance to earn a swanky new piece of exotic gear.

While this isn't stated, many players have found themselves unable to earn exotic gear until they've reached a power level of 130. Even if you've unlocked the Elite Heroic Hives, you'll still need to reach this power level milestone to begin gaining exotics.

Iron Man and Kamala on their way to exotic city

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How do you farm exotic gear?

The most surefire way to farm exotic gear is by completing Elite Heroic Hives. Each time you complete a run, there's a high chance you'll get an exotic gear piece. Other players have reported finding them via completing Warzone missions, but this is a rather rare event. It's also recommended that you equip a minor artifact with a perk that grants a higher chance for gear drops. For example, the perk Insurmountable would fit this bill.

A third method could be using DNA Strongboxes in conjunction with a drop rate increasing perk such as the one mentioned above. DNA Strongboxes often drop better gear than other methods, so it could be your ticket to earning a bounty of exotics.

Nobody has time to wait around all day for just one exotic gear drop.

Marvel's Avengers is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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