Kevin Smith reveals a huge clue about the 'Uncharted' creator's Marvel game

A fantastic leak.

What is Amy Hennig’s Marvel game about? Since Marvel and Skydance New Media confirmed their partnership in October 2021, this question has been festering in our minds. While nothing is officially confirmed just yet, the list of potential superhero candidates it could focus on was just narrowed down by an unlikely source.

What happened — On the November 2 episode of Kevin Smith’s FatMan Beyond podcast, we learned that writer Marc Bernardin is working with Amy Hennig’s Skydance New Media on its new Marvel video game. While Bernardin wouldn’t say who the game was about, Smith noted that someone in the chat was spot-on.

Amy Hennig pioneered cinematic storytelling in video games through series like Legacy of Kain and Uncharted.

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While Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin speak about the game 39 minutes into the livestream, the archived chat is off-sync, and related comments appear about an hour in. Some guesses are weird and would be a surprising choice to base a game around, like Howard the Duck or Alpha Flight.

The ones that seem plausible and gained traction after the fact with people like MinnMax founder Ben Hanson and God of War creator-turned-influencer David Jaffe are Ant-Man and Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four, in particular, seem like a great option, especially when you consider a film starring Marvel’s first family is coming out soon as well.

The Inverse Analysis — We’ve already provided our top picks, and many of those same games popped up in Kevin Smith’s chat. Still, because of how the discourse has unfolded, we’re starting to believe that Amy Hennig could actually be working on a Fantastic Four game.

Historically, that superhero team has only starred in video games that were mediocre at best. Amy Hennig has the chance to flesh out these characters with a level of storytelling we haven’t seen with them in this medium before. Marvel’s Spider-Man proved just how compelling and emotional a Marvel video game’s story could be.

With Amy Hennig and Marc Bernardin working on the game’s script, we expect a Fantastic Four video game will turn out more like that than the disappointing Marvel’s Avengers. Regardless, we won’t know what to expect until Skydance decides to reveal the title.

Though the Fantastic Four is one of my top choices, any of the characters that the chat mentioned get video games, I’d be happy as a diehard comic book fan. Yes, even you, Howard the Duck.

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