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Indivisible is A New Xbox Game Pass RPG Inspired by Fighting Games and Anime

Pour one out for the weebs.

key art from Indivisible
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My first impression of Indivisible was, “I want to watch this series.” In the tradition of RPGs like the Tales series, Indivisible starts with a two-minute anime opening that’s pure bliss. Created by Studio Trigger (Netflix’s Delicious in Dungeon, Promare, and so much more), the short clip introduces Indivisible’s heroine Ajna and her companions with ridiculous amounts of style. In most games, this would just be a nice diversion, but Invisible manages the difficult task of living up to its over-the-top anime intro through exciting and beautiful gameplay as it slides its way this month to Xbox Game Pass.

Once Indivisible hands over the controls, the feeling that you’re watching an anime may still linger. Ajna is the daughter of a legendary warrior who’s forced into action when her village is destroyed. Discovering that she has the strange power to absorb other people into her mind and later manifest them at will, she sets off to get revenge and eventually save the world.

Indivisible’s anime opening is a visual treat that sets up a compelling adventure.

While the story never rises above the level of a good adventure series, it’s elevated by its fantastic cast. Ajna can recruit 20 companions throughout the game, all with unique personalities that clash and mesh with other members of the party. My favorite is Razmi, the sarcastic, chronically depressed shaman who wears a tiger’s skin as a cloak and constantly picks on other party members for her own amusement. You may prefer eagle-tamer Kushi or Lanshi — who’s just a big dog — but regardless, there’s likely a character that will resonate with everyone in the loveable cast.

Indivisible brings a unique twist to RPG combat, and that’s where its fantastic characters get a chance to shine. Every member of the cast is rendered with the same eye-catching style as the anime intro, and their character designs are a particular highlight.

Just as their personalities are expressed visually, each party member has their own combat style to set them apart. In combat, Ajna summons three companions to fight alongside her. Each one is assigned to a button on the controller, and executing their attacks just means pushing the corresponding button, in the vein of Valkyrie Profile.

That makes Indivisible far faster than a typical turn-based RPG since you can pull off combos by stringing together attacks from multiple characters. On top of that, pressing directional buttons with inputs will unleash different attacks, which feels like a clear expression of the development team’s roots as creators of the fighting game Skullgirls.

Indivisible’s combo-based action is a thrilling showcase for its great character art.

505 Games

That all comes together into a frantic combat system that feels strategic and action-packed at the same time. At first, it’s a lot to keep track of. Getting the most out of Indivisible’s combat will take a good amount of practice, but the sheer spectacle of the gorgeously animated party giving it their all in fights is well worth the effort.

Outside of combat, Indivisible is a surprisingly deep platformer. Anja can collect new abilities that help her navigate the terrain and unlock entirely new paths, like an axe that lets her cling to walls and also chop down doors in her way. Platforming segments can be quite challenging, often even more than combat. While the platforming is satisfying, it can sometimes feel like a slog, especially in more difficult sections bookended by tough fights.

These unexpected difficulty spikes, which sometimes leave the fights feeling far too easy compared to platforming, might turn some players off of Indivisible eventually. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth picking up. Its characters and beautiful art style are enough, while its exciting combat should keep your attention long enough to see the best the game has to offer. Even if you don’t stick around for the roughly 20-hour adventure, just strolling through its stunning world for a while is a good use of your time now that Indivisible is on Xbox Game Pass.

Indivisible is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It’s now included with Xbox Game Pass.

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