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How to Beat Mohg in Elden Ring — Location, Guide, Tips, and Tricks for the Difficult Boss Battle

A full breakdown and guide to defeating Mohg in Elden Ring so you can start the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

by Echo Apsey
Elden Ring

Mohg is one of the more well-hidden bosses in Elden Ring, tucked away in the Mohgwyn Palace. The majority of players missed this boss while playing, but the race is now on to defeat him since doing so is a prerequisite for accessing the game’s upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

Unfortunately, Mohg is one of the hardest bosses in the game. If you’re no well prepared, underleveled, or go in expecting an easy fight, you’ll likely regret it. Mohg has a lot of powerful attacks and deals the infamous bleed damage (called Hemorrhage here), which is despised in almost all soulslikes.

So, to help you out, we have broken down key attacks and listed some tips to defeat Mohg in Elden Ring, so you can start the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

How to beat Mohg in Elden Ring: The Basics

To defeat Mohg in Elden Ring, you want to adopt these strategies:

  • Use a bleed or magic build if available
  • Bring a summon
  • Don’t get greedy
  • Heal through the phase 2 transition
  • Prepare and plan for his blood and fire spells

Now, let’s take a closer look at each.

How to beat Mohg in Elden Ring: Use a Bleed or Magic Build

Both bleed and magic can absolutely destroy Mohg before he is able to enter his second phase. Ironically, Mohg is weak to bleed, and a few heavy attacks, jumping attacks or combos with a powered up Uchigatana, Eleonora’s Poleblade, or Rivers of Blood can unalive him in a dozen or so hits — provided you are able to dodge a few of his attacks.

Additionally, if you opt for a magic build, spells like Comet Azur can stun-lock Mohg throughout his first and second phase, effectively meaning you don’t have to do anything except aim. Pair this with the Terra Magica spell, which boosts your magic buff by 35% and you can eliminate Moh from Mohgwyn Palace in mere seconds.

How to beat Mohg in Elden Ring: Bring a Summon

If you don’t want to opt for a magic or bleed build, there are still some tips to take on Mohg and survive his plethora of attacks. One of those is to bring in a summon, which can help distract Mohg and also absorb some of the damage while you wail on him.

How to beat Mohg in Elden Ring: Don’t Get Greedy

Another key tip when approaching the fight is to not be overly greedy, but also don’t play too cautious. Whether you spend a lot of time away from him or up close, he will regularly use a blood or fire spell, which can catch you off guard and lock you in place as he follows through with one of his delayed melee attacks.

Keeping your distance from Mohg is key.

Bandai Namco

Therefore, you want to constantly ping pong back and forth between fighting him at close range and from a long range, dodging in and out of his attacks to get away from him or get closer to him. Positioning is really important in this fight, and you don’t always want to dodge flames on the ground, as you can end up rolling into another attack. So learn when and where you need to sit and wait, and when is the best time to dodge out of the way.

How to beat Mohg in Elden Ring: Heal Through The Phase 2 Transition

You can easily get caught off guard by the phase 2 transition in this fight. When Mohg clutches his staff and the area turns red, he will deal Blood Loss three times in a row. This does a lot of damage, and you want to keep your healing flasks for this moment, as you will need to heal at least twice during this transition.

When he does this, he will also restore about two thirds of his lost health.

Mohg's Phase 2 transition is no joke.

Bandai Namco

How to beat Mohg in Elden Ring: Prepare and Plan For Blood and Fire Spells

The Blood and Fire spells form the core of Mohg’s moveset, and in the first phase, these are manageable, but in the second phase, they can easily overwhelm you. The biggest tip during this second phase is to not panic roll or try to spam attacks. That will only lead to your demise.

Positioning is vital in this second phase, as almost all of his attacks will spread fire, covering the arena and making it hard to find a safe spot to fight. You need to learn his individual moves, where the fire is left on the ground, and either dodge away from him, or dodge into him to avoid it and do some damage.

However, there is a delicate balance to be struck. You don’t want to be too afraid of the fire. In certain moments, like when one of Mohg’s moves has a long recovery time, it can be worth rolling into the fire, or through it to land a hit or two. You just don’t want to get too greedy in these moments, backing away once he starts attacking.

That covers some key tips you want to use to defeat Mohg in Elden Ring. Once he has been defeated, you will be able to start the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. For even more tips on how to prepare for the DLC, check out our guide on the best Elden Ring weapons in the game to use.

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