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What Your Hades II Hot Springs Companion Choice Says About You

Nice night for a swim.

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Hades II is, unsurprisingly, a smash hit in Early Access. As a sequel to one of the most acclaimed indie games of the decade, that success was all but guaranteed, especially given how much more content is packed into its Early Access launch than there was for its predecessor. And, sure, the changes to combat and resource management are all well and good, but there’s one addition that really makes Hades II the must-play game of a moment overflowing with great indies — the hot springs.

Just like in the original Hades, you can offer sweet nectar to any NPC you fancy to build a closer relationship with them. But this time, another item, the Bath Salts also lets you take a dip in the hot springs together for some steamy alone time. While these aren’t necessarily romantic trysts, some players (me) are happy to see them as dates. With a cast overflowing with heartthrobs, there’s no wrong choice for who to take with you for a refreshing dip in the pool, but which godly companion speaks to you the most may say more about you than you think…

Dora - You want to take it easy

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Melinoë and Dora the Shade have a friendly relationship going into Hades II, where the rest of the cast are more like coworkers and/or rivals. Even if Dora can sometimes be hot or cold, Melinoë shows a fair enough amount of interest in her life that we could call them buddies. That gives this pair an easy sense of rapport that you have to work a bit harder to reach with the other options. Like old friends, Melinoë and Dora aren’t afraid to delve into heavier topics even during a chill hang, so expect to hear more about Dora’s forgotten mortal life as you soak in the tub together.

Melinoë’s relationships with other NPCs are pretty complicated, but things are simple with Dora, so picking her says you’re sick of drama or just don’t want anything too serious.

Moros - You’re into tall, dark, and handsome

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Moros has plenty of good qualities — being smoking hot is the easiest to notice — but his status as Doom Incarnate means he’s not the liveliest of companions. He’s also bound to the Fates, who keep him quite busy, meaning relationships often take a backseat to work for him. That could be a bonus or a detriment, depending on your personal tastes.

Spending your hot tub time with Moros could mean you like the brooding type or you want someone who won’t be bothered when you have other priorities outside of your relationship, because he does, too. Or maybe you’re just into him for his looks, because, damn just look at him. He could give Sephiroth a run for his money.

Nemesis - You like a challenge

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At the start of Hades II, Nemesis and Melinoë seem more likely to start throwing punches than to get cozy in the hot springs. They’re both vying for the approval of their teacher, Hecate, and Nemesis in particular seems to take a lot of satisfaction in her ability to crush any opposition that stands in her way. She’s open with her belief that she could do Melinoë’s job better. Once they get closer, Nemesis is willing to share how much of a burden her role is, and is quicker to flirt than you might expect. Melinoë and Nemesis don’t exactly have the easiest relationship, but it’s one that grows a lot even in Hades II’s Early Access section.

Picking Nemesis means you like the challenge of getting through a partner’s tough exterior to learn about the real them, and you probably have the enemies to lovers tag bookmarked on Archive of Our Own.

Eris - You’re not like other gods

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Hades II’s resident manic pixie dream goddess, Eris, is trouble. Literally, she’s the embodiment of strife. That makes her a huge pain in the ass for just about everyone, including Melinoë. Still, there’s something charming about her blithe disregard for duty when everyone else is obsessed with it. Despite causing problems for everyone she comes in contact with, Eris reveals that she’s a bit hurt by their rejection of her once you become close with her, but causing chaos is just her nature.

Picking Eris to relax with means you live for drama, or you’re looking for a literal partner in crime. And you don’t mind cleaning up after her mess. How many pieces of trash has she gifted you by now? 70?

Hecate - You’re a teacher’s pet

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Getting into a hot tub with your students is extremely frowned-upon here in the mortal world, but what’s appropriate is much different in the underworld (see also: dating your cousins). Still, Hecate and Melinoë maintain their distance even in the hot springs, making this one of the most clearly platonic relationship options in Hades II.

Going for alone time with Hecate could say that you have a thing for authority figures, you don’t want to be distracted with romance, or you’re kind of a suck-up.

Odysseus - You’re a little basic

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Maybe you remember Odysseus from high school English class, or you’re just drawn to him for being a normal, hunky dude in an encampment full of magical weirdos. Despite Odysseus’ complicated history in the mortal world, in the afterlife he’s pretty much just a team player who’s here to get the job done — the job being slaying Chronos. Though he’s a mortal, Odysseus has had his fair share of run-ins with goddesses and witches, so he’s not going to be weird about your supernatural status, but he’s definitely deferential about it. He’s also more than a little shy to take a dip with Melinoë, perhaps he’s just old-fashioned.

Taking a swim with Odysseus could say you like to be in control in relationships, you’re trying to stay grounded, or you just want to get hands-on with a mythological celebrity if you know what I mean.

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