GTA 6 should adopt this pivotal Mass Effect feature

The next GTA story mode needs to be more of an RPG.

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Grand Theft Auto Online gives players thousands of options when it comes to customizing their virtual persona, but GTA 5's single-player story offers virtually no freedom when it comes to customizing protagonists Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

While GTA 5's plot heavily relied on the whacky and deranged characters that Rockstar Games designed, GTA 6 should take a more traditional role-playing game approach to its single-player. Instead of forcing players into the roles of pre-set characters, Rockstar should allow users to fully customize GTA 6's protagonist's gender, appearance, and how they sound, just like the Mass Effect series and other BioWare games. This is something we desperately want to see when the next installment is released.

Bioware's Mass Effect let gamers play through the science-fiction series with either a pre-built or completely personalized protagonist. The developer even had a male and female voice actor record lines for the game's protagonist depending on which gender the player chose, which is something that Rockstar could easily pull off on top of offering GTA Online levels of customization in the game's story mode. Plenty of gamers that have taken Inverse's GTA 6 survey wrote in that they wanted a female protagonist in the next game. Why not give players the freedom to choose?

'GTA 6' needs to seriously up its single-player character personalization features.

Rockstar Games

GTA 5 had an immense cast of voice actors that brought Los Santos to life, GTA 6 should do the same but offer a variety of male, female, and gender-neutral voice options at the character creation menu. Games like Madden 21's "Face of the Franchise" story mode already offer players the option to select different voices and accents.

Rockstar could take this a step further to truly make GTA 6 next-gen by giving players the options to pick from a variety of different American and international accents. So you could give your character some Southern twang or choose from a number of Latin American accents, like Colombian or Brazilian.

The protagonists in 'GTA 5' were some of the best the series has introduced. But 'GTA 6' needs to let players live out their own crime drama.

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A wide selection of different voices would perfectly complement a single-player mode character creator that has long been requested by fans.

The GTA 5 modder community has even scraped together their own version of a character creation menu for the game's single-player mode, titled Skin Control, which has been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

The mode essentially imported the GTA Online character creation screen into the story mode. Unfortunately, the mod is no longer supported which leaves it up to Rockstar to deliver on the Mass Effect-levels of character customization that gamers want to see in GTA 6. But maybe that's the very reason why it's no longer supported?

'GTA 5' modders have laid out the groundwork for a fleshed out, single-player character customization menu. Now Rockstar needs to incorporate the feature in to 'GTA 6's story mode.

Rockstar Games

Rockstar hasn't confirmed that GTA 6 is in the works just yet, but an April report by games journalist Jason Schreier revealed that the developer has begun work on its next monumental open-world adventure. Unverified GTA 6 rumors have suggested that it'll be a story about an up-and-coming drug smuggler and based in various U.S. and Latin American cities, like a hat tip to Netflix's Narcos.

As such, there's no official word on when the game might be released, but publisher Take-Two Interactive did drop a few hints in early August. GTA Online is going standalone in the second half of 2021 when it'll be free for PlayStation 5 players for several months. In the best possible scenario, the full GTA 6 might also launch around that time — but that's pure speculation.

Let's hope Rockstar will let its fans live out their drug pushing escapades with any kind of character they want.

GTA 6 is reportedly in early development.

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