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GTA 6 has the potential to deliver the greatest battle royale ever

Here's how.

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Developer Rockstar Games has added dozens of high-octane mini-games to Grand Theft Auto Online since the release of Adversary Mode in 2015. Most of these player-versus-player modes pit gamers against each other in either a deathmatch or racing scenario that provides a change of pace from routinely wreaking havoc around Los Santos.

Now that GTA 6 is reportedly in development, Rockstar should re-release and refine one Adversary Mode’s most promising games in GTA 6 Online: Motor Wars. If tweaked just a little bit, GTA could cash in on the battle royale craze in a major way.

Motor Wars is already a team-based battle royale game that was launched as part of the Smuggler's Run update in 2017 somewhat similar to titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. The biggest differences are that the game mode heavily focuses on finding armored vehicles to engage in Mad Max-style demolition derbies in one of Motor Wars’ seven distinct maps.

Motor Wars solved the repetitiveness of dropping down on the same map hundreds of times in competitive titles like Apex Legends by putting more of the focus on vehicles. But GTA 6 could be the catalyst for the most versatile battle royale game ever if Rockstar thinks beyond armored cars and uses GTA 6’s map to its advantage to makes Motor Wars a bit more flexible.

Motor Wars put a 'Mad Max' spin on battle royale. But 'GTA 6' could vastly improve Rockstar's battle royale mode.

Rockstar Games

Endless environments

GTA 6 has been rumored to take place across a handful of different cities, including iconic metropolises like Vice City and Liberty City along with all-new Latin American-inspired locations. Rockstar could use all of those different settings to create vastly different maps, each of which could have its own vehicle and gun theme.

For example, a map set in Vice City would only spawn sports cars and limit users to machine guns and SMGs for high-speed road battles. While another map set in North Yankton could focus on sniper rifles and only spawn snowmobiles, snowboards, and skis. This would keep each round fresh and interesting. Maybe it would cycle through different maps on a timer like Apex Legends or give players the option to select which via a game mode selection process.

A 'GTA 6' battle royale could make it so players never know where they're going to drop into next.

Rockstar Games

Free-for-all with more of a focus on guns

As it stands, guns are an afterthought in Motor Wars. Teams need to rush armored vehicles and immediately hunt down enemies if they want a shot at winning. There are almost 100 different weapons in GTA Online and GTA 6 will most likely add more, so a guns-only mode would fit this hypothetical battle royale perfectly.

Rockstar could set a free-for-all, guns-only map in a tightly packed South American city where no vehicles are available and players need to be careful when they turn every corner. This would force players to constantly change their strategies depending on what maps they get dropped into at the start of the round.

This is all just speculation for now, but if GTA 6 is as much of a globe-trotting adventure as rumors claim Rockstar could have a blank canvas to create the best battle royale in the business.

GTA 6 is reportedly in development.

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