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God of War Ragnarok needs this badass furry friend from Norse myth

Hint: he’s close to Angrboda and Loki.

A closeup of the God of War Ragnarok with red face paint looking angry

What’s the immortal version of man’s best friend? How about a massive magical wolf?

God of War Ragnarok needs to introduce Fenrir, the Wolf-Giant that slays Odin. We’ve already seen a couple of wolves pulling Kratos and Atreus around on a sled in the game’s trailer, and the presence of certain characters in God of War Ragnarok all but confirms that the giant wolf Fenrir will make an appearance in the sequel.

And if Fenrir is going to show up in the game as an ally, why not make the wolf giant a playable companion?

Why will Fenrir be in God of War Ragnarok? At the end of the God of War Ragnarok’s PlayStation Showcase trailer, Angrboda as a young giant girl. In Norse mythology, a love interest to Loki and mother of creatures like the giant serpent Jormungandr — who we’ve met in 2018’s God of War —as well as Fenrir.

Fenrir is also known for biting off Tyr’s hand and being responsible for killing Odin, so it’d make sense for him to appear in a game that includes both of those gods. The wolves pulling Kratos and Atreus’ sled also appear to be Skool and Hati, the creatures responsible for the day/night cycle and children of Fenrir.

Because Fenrir is relevant to so many major players in God of War Ragnarok, this wolf will likely be present in the game’s story somehow.

Story: A few murals and statues throughout 2018’s God of War serve as Easter eggs teasing Fenrir Mimir also refers to Fenrir as a nemesis of the gods at one point. As Santa Monica Studio already took steps to tease Fenrir, we will likely see this important creature during the conclusion of the God of War’s Norse series.

Due to their relation in the mythology, we’re willing to be that Fenrir is either hiding with Angrboda or that Angrboda asks the player to save Fenrir. After that, we hope that Fenrir will assist Kratos and Atreus on their Ragnarok adventure and gets to kill a god or two.

Fighting a giant lizard would be a lot easier with a massive wolf buddy.

Santa Monica Studio

Gameplay: We also want to see Fenrir’s usefulness extended to gameplay. God of War 2018 found a satisfying way to incorporate Atreus into combat — why not add a third character?

We could see Fenrir as an aggressive damage dealer, or pinning enemies down for Kratos and Atreus can attack them. Fighting alongside a giant wolf would not only look badass but would differentiate the combat from the first game.

God of War Ragnarok needs to find ways to make fights feel fresh, and adding an additional character to some late-game combat situations could be a way to keep the experience exciting. God of War Ragnarok can use wolves for a lot more than traversal if Fenrir is included.

Even if he’s not playable, it will be shocking if Fenrir does not have a notable appearance in God of War Ragnarok purely because of its mythological relevance. Angrboda’s inclusion blows the door wide open for all sorts of fantastical creatures. Hopefully, one of them turns out to be Fenrir.

God of War Ragnarok will be released for PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

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