The ending of God of War Ragnarok, explained

Be wary of spoilers. (Did we mention the spoilers?)

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The end is nigh. God of War Ragnarok launched for PlayStation consoles on November 9, and players are tearing through the main story faster than Thor making his way through a barrel of ale. The story picks up where 2018’s God of War left off, after Kratos and Atreus discover a mural in Jotunheim that seems to have foretold their entire adventure up to this point — and makes an ominous prediction for the years ahead. Throughout Ragnarok, both father and son are determined to do anything they can to prevent that outcome, even if it means keeping secrets from one another.

So how does it all play out? Get ready, because we’re about to back up the dump truck and let the spoilers spill.

Warning: major, full-on, endgame spoilers for God of War Ragnarok ahead.

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Still here? Let’s get into it.

God of War Ragnarok ending spoilers

Throughout the story, Atreus works with Odin and other members of the Aesir to find the remnants of a magical mask created by the Jotnar. Odin believes this mask will give him omniscient knowledge of the past, present, and future, by allowing him to peer into the shimmering rift in reality that lies in the cave beneath his library. While seeking out the final piece of the mask in Helheim, Atreus sets off a chain of events that culminates with all the realms bringing the fight to Asgard, led by Kratos, Atreus, and Freya.

If it feels like Odin’s been aware of our heroes’ every move, that’s because he has. There’s been a mole in the operation this whole time, and it’s none other than Midgard’s peacenik God of War. Turns out, the Tyr that Kratos and Atreus rescue from Svartalheim at the very beginning of the game was Odin in a magical disguise all along.

When Atreus escapes to Sindri’s house with the completed mask, Tyr abruptly announces he will lead the charge to Asgard. Brok asks some pointed questions, pointing out that Tyr’s sudden enthusiasm for combat is awful fishy. Tyr then reveals himself to be Odin, and murders Brok in front of everyone, smack in the middle of Sindri’s house. Tyr hasn’t exactly been helpful to our squad up to this point — he spends much of the game kinda moping around while being very tall. Still, his vocal aversion to bloodshed up to this point makes the heel turn a big shocker.

How Brok finally shut up.

Santa Monica Studio

After that betrayal, Kratos and Atreus go on a hunt to clear their minds, then head to the firey crags of Mustelpheim to recruit Surtr to wreak some havoc against the Aesir. Our heroes beeline toward the Great Lodge, where Kratos defeats Thor in a duel and chooses to spare him. When Thor insists that they are both “destroyers” incapable of change, Kratos asserts that they “must be better” — for their children.

Odin appears moments later, and kills Thor for his disobedience. So Kratos and Atreus, joined by Freya, take down Odin. Atreus captures the All-Father’s spirit in one of his handy little soul-keepin’ orbs, which Sindri summarily destroys. Sindri disappears, still heartbroken over the sudden loss of his brother.

Surtr lays waste to Asgard as Angrboda appears to help Kratos and Freya escape to Midgard. Freyr insists on staying behind, and Atreus pushes Kratos through the rift. (It’s unclear why Atreus stays behind, but eventually he ends up back in Midgard, where he reunites with Kratos and Angrboda.) Angrboda shows them a new mural, which reveals that Faye disobeyed the Giants and destroyed Loki’s shrine in Jotunheim, which allowed Kratos and Atreus to choose their own fate.

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Atreus then tells Kratos he wants to find the remaining giants, and he must do it alone. Kratos embraces his son and tells him “you are ready.” They bid one another a heartfelt farewell. He watches as Atreus chats warmly with Angrboda before departing. (They grow up so fast!)

Kratos returns to Angrboda’s mural, circling around to the back. There, he discovers a second set of images, which show him leaving Greece, journeying to Jotunheim alongside Atreus (complete with Baldur-slaying mistletoe), and fighting Thor. In the final image, he sees himself in depicted in gold, a beloved ruler — and a destroyer no more.

Freya approaches, Mimir’s head in hand. Stunned, Kratos tells them he has seen a new path for himself, “one I had never imagined.” He says there is “much to rebuild,” and Freya and Mimir agree to help him do so. With that, you’ll clear the main story.

But the tale of our heroes doesn’t end there.

God of War Ragnarok post-credits scenes

At this point, you’ll enter the postgame section of the story, “Beyond Ragnarok,” where Kratos will be accompanied by Freya. There are several optional sequences scattered across the Nine Realms that will catch you up on the fates of Kratos’ friends and comrades.

Brok and Sindri

Head to Svartalfeim to complete the quest “A Viking Funeral.” First, go to Raeb’s tavern in Nidavellir, then head to the Sverd Sands to say a last farewell to Brok. Emotions are high, and it’s clear Sindri hasn’t forgiven Kratos, Freya, and Mimir for all that’s happened. Atreus isn’t present, which is a little disappointing given his fondness for the Huldra brothers, but he’s got a whole civilization to save. After this sequence, the game’s credits will roll again.

The real Tyr

Go to Niflheim to discover one of the larger fallen remnants of Asgard, just off the path to the ravens’ tree. Traverse the short, vertical dungeon and at the bottom you’ll find a bewildered Tyr, who Odin was keeping alive in isolation for magical espionage purposes.

Tyr is shocked to hear of the fate of Asgard and the All-Father, and insists he recognizes Kratos from somewhere. He then departs, and Freya extends an invitation for him to stop by Sindri’s house in the future. (As far as I know, he never shows up.)


Thrud proves herself worthy.

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As you explore and clear optional missions during the post-game, Lunda will likely nudge you a few times to head to the shop “in the Alfheim desert.” Head to the Mystic Gateway in The Canyons of Alfheim to cross paths with Thrud in a clearing near the blacksmith shop. There, she discovers her father’s hammer and claims it as her own.

Kratos, Freya, and Mimir speculate on what this could mean for her future as a Valkyrie.


Santa Monica Studio

Atreus’s blonde buddy can be found near The Derelict Outpost Mystic Gateway in Midgard. Skjoldr is looking for the Aesir coin that Odin gave to Atreus at the start of the game, which Kratos threw away. He assumes that an Asgardian artifact touched by “at least three gods” is probably worth a lot of money — too bad it’s embedded deep in a rock because Kratos is so strong. Kratos says Skjoldr can keep the coin and wishes him luck in retrieving it.

If you return a second and third time, he’ll still be there, struggling to remove it. The fourth time, Kratos will tell Skjoldr that he reminds him of someone from his homeland, who “could not part ways with a boulder.” As far as I can tell, Skjoldr never does manage to get the coin out, though he will awkwardly mention Thrud now and again.


If, like me, you initially assumed Atreus went off on Big Boy Giant Adventures with his best girl Angrboda, you’re wrong! She doesn’t accompany him on this journey, thus cruelly torpedoing my nefarious plan to use the phrase “the power of boners” at some point in this ending explainer.

Anyway, use the Mystic Gateway to travel to Jotunheim to see what she’s up to. There isn’t a whole lot to do here — you can’t revisit the areas you explored earlier as Atreus — but there’s some nice exchanges about our #1 Boy between Angrboda, Kratos, Mimir, and Freya.

Don’t forget to pet good boy Fenrir before you go.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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